Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Super Hero!

I was visiting Lori's blog yesterday and look what I found -- Super Hero!

This is one of the Super Ladies I made at The Hero Factory.
I have another that I'll share tomorrow.
Who knows? I may go and make a third and fourth and .....!!!
Go have some fun and make your own Super Hero.

To all of my super hero friends in blog land -- have a super day!


Pat - Arkansas said...

Too kewl!

Sarah said...

OMG that was fun!!!!! Thank you Sarah

Genie Sea said...

Supercool :)

Kate said...

That was fun. Mine wound up being a Super Grocery Shopper. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog yesterday!


Lissa said...

That is great! can't wait to see the next one!

JuliaRose said...

Hi Snap,
Thanks for the lovely comments...Love your super herowoman...esp the outfit, very upmarket Dalai looking....xx