Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Wishing You Peace and Joy

This is not one of my photographs.
It is the cover of Dharma Crafts Holiday 2013 catalog.
I thought it was lovely.
More importantly it says what I want to say to you.
Wishing you joy and peace during this Christmas season and the happiest New Year.

I'll see you next year. 

Be well.

Friday, December 20, 2013


It is warming up around here -- high 70's.
I did learn something during our last cold snap:
When your car tells you it is cold (low outside temperature),
it really is cold.


Speaking of frosty air, here is
another reproduction vintage postcard.
The artist was Margaret Evans Price and it was published around 1922.

Christmas Postcard

"I part my casement curtains
And place my candle there
To flash a Christmas Message
Across the frosty air."

Thank you to the lovely Beth for hosting Postcard Friendship Friday.


I've been smiling all week.
How cool is that?!!!


On my last visit to the Farmer's Market I came home with
beets, turnips and strawberries.
I can't bring anything home without the kitties checking it out.

Farmers Market

In addition, I brought home this lovely bowl.
(No, Mina -- it isn't your new food bowl.)


I got an early Christmas present for myself and made a donation to a good cause.

The bowl was created by a local artist and donated to Empty Bowls Houston,
benefitting the Houston Food Bank. They raised $2,365 at the Farmer's Market.
 This will provide 7,095 meals to the hungry!


I've watched White Christmas three times so far.
Scrooge was on last night as was The Christmas Carol.
Looking for The Bishops Wife and then my holiday movie watching will be complete.


Last, but not least -- Random Five Friday is back!
Thank you, Nancy!

Wishing all of YOU well and much joy!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

In The Spirit of The Season

It's time for Vee's Notecard Party.
Let's celebrate Christmas!

Twelve Days of Christmas Santa


Santa Mug Rugs

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

A Haven for Vee
Wishing all of YOU well and much joy!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

My World: Zoo Lights

The Holiday season is off to a good start at the Houston Zoo.
I thought the lights were lovely last year,
but this year, they knocked my socks off.
This is just a sampling.

Peace and Joy
Zoo Lights
Holiday Lights
Zoo Lights

Thank you to the hosts of Mosaic Monday and My World.

Wishing you all well and much joy!

Ho Ho Ho

Merry Merry

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Cup of Joy!

I'm a little late with a tea post.
Photo taking is a bit on the iffy side when it is so dark and dreary outside.
So, I decided to light up the Christmas tree and have tea under the tree.

Royal Albert Christmas Tree

This is Royal Albert's Christmas Tree cup and saucer.

Royal Albert Christmas Tree

The little red teapot is by Kensington.
The tea is a lovely tisane by Stash called Christmas Eve.
It is especially nice in the evening before bedtime.

A Cup of Joy

Merry Christmas

I'm joining some tea parties today:

Wishing all of you well, much joy and a wonderful cup of tea!

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Happy Bodhi Day

Where ever Buddhism has traveled, 
it has picked up customs and bits of culture from each country.
Bodhi Day - the day Gautama achieved enlightenment is celebrated on December 8.

I've done a little incorporating of holidays -- compassion bringing them together.

Bodhi Day

The Christmas tree is all set up to celebrate Yule, Christmas and other Holy Days.
On December 8 the lights will represent enlightenment.
Multicolored lights representing the many paths that may be taken to enlightenment.
Under the tree, a Buddha as he sat under the Bodhi tree.

I plan on spending the day quietly.
Some meditation.
Curling up with the kitties to stay warm.
A cup of tea -- or two.
A candle glowing.
A wish for peace for all.

Friday, December 6, 2013


I like oatmeal and I save it for cold mornings.
It is an oatmeal day!


Christmas is just around the corner. 
Time to share a reproduction vintage postcard.
The artist on the original card was Margaret Evans Price
 and it was published around 1922.

Christmas Postcard

"I'd like to share with you the joys of Christmas day,
so I send this little card on its
Merry Christmas way."

Thank you to the lovely Beth for hosting Postcard Friendship Friday.


We girls (Cassie and Mina and moi) got an early Christmas present
and you might say that Teddy got one too.
It was time for Teddy's six month ultrasound on his heart.
He has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and is on medication.
He passed with flying colors yesterday.
His wonderful vet said there was very little if any change.
The medication is working.



I haven't decided if I'm finished decorating. 
While I'm deciding, 
Cassie burrows under the tree skirt and moves the non-breakable ornaments
on the bottom of the tree onto the floor.
"Just helping, Mummy!"


The Rice University Owl football team is playing for the conference championship
tomorrow. I'm going. I'll probably freeze my fanny and other parts of my anatomy off,
but this doesn't happen often and I want to be there to see these scholar-athletes
get the job done. The football program here has the third highest graduation rate
for college football programs in the country.

Wishing YOU well and much joy!