Friday, March 31, 2017

The best cure for boredom is crayons!

From the Fortune Cookie Journal
"The Best Cure for Boredom is Crayons"

Today is National Crayon day!
Crayola has announced that one of their colors is going to be retired!

In the spirit of crayons and art ---

Liberate Your Art 2017 is underway.
I received my first postcard last week --
all the way from Ireland -- Connemara Cottage, an acrylic painting.
The artist is Jacinta Moore.
You can find more of her artwork and photos here.

LYA 2017


It's been busy around here.
Spring cleaning outside.
The last of the freeze damaged plants are gone.
I found some very old flower and veggie seeds 
that I've "thrown" out into the bare garden spots.
If they come up -- great -- if not -- that's okay, too.
The pond/water garden has been cleaned.
All the water out, the fish out, the plants out.
Power wash and then everything back in.

Pond Cleaning

Two pretty, new water lilies.
One pink and one purple.

Water Lily - 2017

Some fun floating grass for the fish to play in.
Now I'm waiting for the fish to spawn.

Purple Water Lily


Think Spring

The balcony is ready for spring and Easter.
The Gerbera Daisy and geranium are blooming.



A  very handsome visitor stopped by.


At least once a year there is a hawk in the backyard.
They know I feed the birds in the morning.
No critters were harmed during his visit.


I've been busy weaving in the ends on the Cottage Charm lapghan
and trying to decide what I might like to tackle next.
I have yarn for more shawls.
Never too early to make Christmas/Birthday presents.
Be prepared!

These are also calling:


I enjoyed the Cottage Charm lapghan.
I found another pattern with similar flowers.
Some cute potholders.
Both projects should be good stash busters!

Wishing YOU well and much joy!

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Celebrating the Green!

St. Patrick's Day is today.
This year I started celebrating a little early with a 
Green Tea Frappuccino from Starbucks.
Matcha and Green heaven! Ha!

Green Tea

And, if it is too cold for a Frappuccino,
perhaps some hot tea will do the trick.
Always nice to get out the Belleek for St. Patrick's Day.

St Patrick's Day Tea

Corned beef and cabbage are usually on the menu.
This year I'm changing things up a bit and plan on having
Pasta, Peas, Asparagus, Spinach and Pesto!
Adapted from a friends recipe that you can find here.


Daffodils have arrived at Trader Joe's and I'm in heaven!


Spring is definitely arriving around Twisty Lane.


In almost every room.
The daffodil is such a happy flower!


Spring 2017

“Daffodils are an optimistic flower, and foolproof. 
You know what Shakespeare said: 
That come before the swallow dares, and take
The winds of March with beauty."

...I plant them in big clumps with a trusty shovel. 

I make several large holes all around and put quite a few in. 
That's why it makes such a spectacular look when they bloom.” 
― Tasha TudorThe Private World of Tasha Tudor



I finished the Cottage Charm Afghan.
Yes, I ran out of blue and had to get more.
The color is a close match, but the texture is a little different.
I always make the first of a project for myself.
The difference in texture won't bother me! 

Cottage Charm Afghan

I think my favorite part of the afghan is the little white bow!
It's going to work well as a lap-ghan for me.
Most importantly -- It has Mr. Oliver's approval!
The blue matches his eyes...... 

Cottage Charm Afghan

I'm reading the last of the Amish mysteries - A Churn for the Worse.
I'll be sad to finish. I really like the characters and the setting.
I hope there are more to come in the series.


St. Patrick's Day Postcard

May your joys be 
as deep as the oceans

Your troubles 
as light as its foam

And may you find
sweet peace of mind

Wherever you
may roam.

Wishing YOU well and much joy on this St. Patrick's Day.

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Friday, March 10, 2017

Like Raindrops in Spring!

February was the hottest month here since "they" started keeping records.
Bodes ill for summer.

March has come in with rain... all weekend and most of the week.
But it was a nice rain, slow steady raindrops and about 4 - 6 inches worth.


It's March and thoughts have turned to Spring!

I've been slowly finding my Easter decorations.

My favorite Easter Bunnies.


They make me smile.

Easter Bunny

Sitting at the kitchen table
surrounded by some of my favorite things
is a great way to start the day!


Working on the Cottage Charm Afghan.
I bought the kit from Mary Maxim.
Nice yarn and the pattern is easy to follow.

Crochet Afgna

However, I've run out of yarn twice.
I'm a "tight" crocheter so I was a little surprised.
I had one more pink flower to make.
Thankfully, I had some yarn at home that was a close enough match.
Then I ran out of the green.
I had to go out and find a green yarn to match.
I now have enough of the green to make another afghan.
Feast or famine! Ha!

Now adding the blue to the squares and wondering if I will have enough yarn.


Tea and Books

I started a "new to me" cozy mystery series by Laura Bradford.
They are set in Amish country -- Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
I visited the area some 15 years ago.
Came home with a Quillow (a blanket that folds into a pillow)
 which is mentioned in the first Amish mystery Hearse and Buggy.
I thought Hearse and Buggy was one of the best first books in a cozy series I had read in a long time - so much so that I dashed out and bought the next four! 
The books pictured here are the ones that I've read.
I like the characters, the story line, the mix of the "English" and Amish life styles. 

Tea and Books

The lovely teacup was a Christmas gift from one of my sister's by choice.
It is an Aynsley.
Aqua is one of my favorite colors.
Pretty waves on the cup and saucer with gold rims.
Fun spring-time flowers on the inside of the cup.

Tea and Books

Tea and Books

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From the Fortune Cookie Journal:
"Good fortune will shower you like raindrops in spring."

Wishing YOU well and much joy!