Monday, July 31, 2017

Today Is The End

Today is the official end of ICAD
(Index Card A Day).

Tammy started this challenge in 2011 and I've participated every year.

Some years more successfully than others.

The ICAD challenge is about doing a tiny creative project each day for 61 days (June-July). It's not an art challenge and you definitely do NOT need to be an artist to participate. Instead, it's a creative challenge. 
The project must be done on an index card.
Tammy provides prompts for each day.
Participants can follow the prompts or go their own way.
A friend of mine used the prompts and wrote a haiku each day.
I went my own way trying to do more collage.

This year I'll be playing catch up.

I've made 40 cards so far.
I hurt my hand (wrist and thumb) several weeks ago.
That slowed me down.

Here are a few of the Index Cards (all 3x5) I've made this year:

ICAD Collage

ICAD Collage

ICAD Collage

ICAD Collage

I've had people ask what I do with the cards.
Some of my favorites I have framed and they are scattered around the house.
I scan all of the cards as I finish so that I will always have a record of them.
Some have flown off to new homes because someone has done a lot of begging! 
Many just continue to live in a decorated box I have.
Looking over six years worth of cards I can can say my "art" abilities have come a long way!

Wishing YOU well and much joy!

Mosaic Monday

Friday, July 14, 2017

Thinking of Granny

Every now and then I get an email that makes me laugh out loud.
In fact, I almost didn't open the one with the subject:
Getting Enough Fiber?

I opened it and it was about fiber, but not the digestible kind.

It was about yarn.


I need more yarn like I need a hole in the head! 


Morning Sky
Early morning over the Texas Medical Center

I walk early every morning before it gets too hot and humid.

I try to walk for 45 minutes.
My favorite day to walk is Sunday.
It is so quiet.
No cars on the street so there is no background motor noise.
It's just me, the birds, an occasional sprinkler raining on a lawn.
Last Sunday I listened to the doves cooing, 
the blue jays and the mockingbirds trying to out mock each other.
I even heard one of the local screech owls.
No cats or dogs or people.
And then, there they were -- crossing the street.
A family of seven opossums!
Led by Mom (I assume) they went two by two.

Definitely something I don't see every day.

Just one of those reminders 
that it is the little things that can make a day extra special.

Did you know a group of opossums is called a passel?

I came straight home and looked it up.
Male opossums are called jacks and females are called jills.
The young are joeys -- just like their Australian cousins.


Morning Tea

I love cherry anything!
Mighty Leaf makes a wonderful cherry lemon green tea.
It tastes especially fine in my hand-thrown kitty mug with the moon and stars.
The tea bags are handcrafted silken pouches.
Delicious hot and great iced for this hot weather.

Mighty Leaf began in 1996 as Tea & Company, 
a boutique tea house in San Francisco.
They support artisan communities and 
sustainable farming practices around the globe.


Every time I see a zinnia I think of my Granny.
She always had zinnias in her garden.
All shapes and sizes.

This year, I have zinnias in my garden.
I had an empty space, had the seeds 
and decided to throw them in the space and see what happens.
I think every seed came up.
Marvelous mix of all types of zinnia and the color.
Double wow!

I thought I'd share some of them with you.



Friday, July 7, 2017

There Is No Doubt That Summer Is Here

It is hot.
And it is humid.
Feels like temps (in the shade) well over 100.
There is no doubt that summer is here
and I'm already tired of it!


I'm still celebrating my May birthday.
This time with the Mother of my god-children 
and one of my sisters-by-choice.
We went to one of our favorite spots:
Morningside Thai.

Morningside Thai

I had garlic eggplant and she had basil-eggplant.
We were both smiling and "yumming".


Not only did we have a lovely lunch,
I received a lovely gift, too ...
tea pot and matching mug
by Emma Bridgewater.


I love Emma Bridgewater.
The pattern is called Wallflower and is described as a
Cheerful, purple and green floral pattern that was inspired by
Emma and Matthew's love of a flower bed that overflows with wallflowers every May 
... perfect for an "Emma lover" with a May birthday!

Emma Bridgewater


I also received a surprise in the post.
When the box arrived I wondered what I had ordered that I'd forgotten!?
No, it was a surprise from a dear friend who knows I have a thing for owls.

Owl Mugs

Aren't they great?!
I'm lucky -- good friends and more great mugs for tea drinking!

Mugs and Teapot

I made an early morning run to Trader Joe's
(before it got too hot for man or beast).

In addition to food, I came home with flowers ...
peonies and tulips.

Flowers from Trader Joe

So pretty!

Wishing YOU well and much joy!

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Tuesday, July 4, 2017