Wednesday, January 18, 2017

This and That

The Liberate Your Art postcard swap has been announced.
I've participated for a number of years and it is a lot of fun.
In the past I've sent one of my photographs.
This year I decided to send one of my art pieces.
Since so many are dealing with a harsh winter,
I thought they might like seeing a little "Spring Fling"! 
Watercolor on Index card.


Before the big freeze,
this little guy came to visit.
I think he enjoyed the buffet.


The green you see in the photo is now brown. 
I would have had to cover the whole back yard in preparation for our big freeze. 
Seeing what makes a triumphant return to life will be an adventure!

I'm going to Commit To Sit!
Now in it's seventh year, this free 28-day challenge is an exploration of the tools of meditation led by teacher,
 Sharon Salzberg.
I joined this group several years ago and I need a refresher course.
It starts February 1.
If you are interested, you can find more information here.

Currently Reading

I'm still reading The Glass Universe by Dava Sobel.
I found my copy of Real Happiness and am ready for the Commit to Sit month.
Paintbrush in Paris is about a cat in Paris written by illustrator Jill Butler.
Seems like I've been looking for a copy for ages -- adorable and a fun look at Paris.
Last, but not least, by Leisure Arts, Mirror Image Scarves. 

Mirror Image Scarves

Rainy days were made for reading and crocheting.
So far, I've made two of the Mirror Image Scarves.
I'm using up my stash of Caron Cakes -- bought when they were on sale.
I'm liking how they are looking. 

When I work on a pattern from a book,
I make a copy of the pattern.
Do you do that?
I like to mark up the copy (instead of the book) ---
marking what row I'm on ... any "funny" directions that I had to figure out,
notes to myself -- even about the yarn. 
Just wondering!!!!!!!! 


Wishing YOU well and much joy!


Yarn A Long

Hooking On Hump Day

Five on Friday

Willy Nilly Friday

Mosaic Monday

Monday, January 9, 2017

Happy New Year!

It's 2017!

New Year

Did you stay up and bring in the New Year?

Did you make some noise -- beat a drum or pots and pans -- 
set off fireworks?
Have to do something to frighten off the demons!
Did you eat lucky food?
In my neck of the woods, black-eyed peas are the tradition.
I like the tradition of eating 12 grapes like they do in Spain.
Did you drink a special beverage?

I didn't make it to the magic hour.
I climbed into bed with the kitties, listened to the New York Philharmonic's
New Year's concert and had a glass of Prosecco. 

If you missed all the festivities, 
you can celebrate the new year again later in January
on the Lunar New Year.

Thank you to for the photo.

My Christmas cactus started blooming the day after Christmas.
Close enough!

Christmas Cactus

Santa was full of Walkers Shortbread and now has what is left
of Trader Joe's mini-gingerbread men.

All the outdoor decorations are down and put in their resting place,
but the tree is still up!
I've had back problems and decided it was just easier to leave it,
enjoy it and maybe by Valentine's Day it will be down! Ha!

Christmas Tea

My friends and family know me well.
I love Tea anything!
I have a new holiday mug -- nice, big, sturdy and I love the red and white. 
Yes, the teapot was a gift, too.
My beautiful step-daughter sent me a box full of "made in Washington"
goodies -- the chocolate covered Chukar Cherries go well with tea!
The towels have lovely snowflakes.

Crochet and Reading

This is the second Shin-yu Infinity Scarf I've made with Caron Cakes.
My beautiful god-daughter saw the first one and walked out the door with it
before I got a picture of it. 
This is a wonderful crochet pattern by ChiChi Allen.
The directions are clear and precise and she includes photos.
The pattern can be found on her Ravelry site or her blog.

I just started The Glass Universe.
An interesting look at astronomy (before it became astrophysics)
and the role women played in the early days.

Holiday Fun!

Wishing YOU well and much joy!

Mosaic Monday

Yarn A Long