Sunday, September 30, 2018

Scare The Summer Away

The closest full moon to the September equinox is called the Harvest Moon.

Native Americans call it the Corn Moon,
a time to celebrate the abundance of the earth
and harvest their fields of corn.

It's a time of great celebration, dancing and food!

I brought out my Corn Maiden to celebrate the harvest
and the coming of Fall.

Corn Maiden

She is telling the stories of the harvest to her children.

Fall Corn Maiden

One of our local weathermen suggested 
the whole town should decorate for Fall and Halloween
and maybe that would scare the summer away!

With the help of my little corn maiden,
I'm taking that advice.

Hello Fall
Quirky Owl from West Elm

Pumpkin Spice
Mug from Fiesta

Wishing YOU well and much joy!

Fall Collage

Sunday, September 23, 2018

It's Looking Like Fall

It's looking like fall ...
inside the house.

Fall Flowers

Fall Bouquet

And, outside the house
(even though the temps are still in the 90s).


Getting Ready for Fall

I keep hoping the fall decorating will make me feel cooler!

Fall is Coming!

In a further attempt to make myself feel "cool",
I'm making this:

Hooded Poncho

Hooded Poncho

The yarn may look familiar.
I made a scarf from the same color-way.
I love how Scarfie by Lion Brand feels
and it is easy to work with. 
You can't beat patterns from Mama In A Stitch.

Whenever fall decides to arrive, I'll be ready! 

Hooded Poncho

Wishing YOU well and much joy!

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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Try To Remember

After ten days of cloudy weather.
today the sun is shining.
The light is changing to the wonderful light of Autumn.


The spicebush swallowtail made an appearance 
on the lantana in Musashi's Garden. 


I found a lovely collage on FB that included some of the lyrics to
Try To Remember.


I'm aging myself I'm sure when I say I remember
Harry Belafonte signing this lovely song.


Try to remember the kind of September
When life was slow and oh so mellow.
Try to remember the kind of September
When grass was green and grain was yellow.

Spicebush Swallowtail

A little over a year ago this is what it looked like around Twisty Lane.
I send thoughts and prayers to the good folk in North Carolina. 

Hurricane Harvey

Wishing YOU well and much joy!

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