Monday, April 25, 2016

Never Too Early

I figure it is never too early to try out patterns for possible Christmas gifts.
and sponsored by Red Heart Yarn (using Red Heart Soft).
I haven't done any knitting in some time so it was an adventure for me.
But it is done and I really like it.


I learned some new tricks (you CAN teach an old dog new tricks),
and finished the shawl with the Icord bind off.

KAL Shawl

Love the texture of the shawl.
Now to weave-in the ends.

So, now that the shawl is done what's next?
Don't worry -- I have two more projects in the works!
But today I'm going to take a break.



With summer soon to be upon us - lets dream of gardens by reading
 GARDENS OF AWE AND FOLLY  by the delightful and talented Vivian Swift.
I love all of Vivian's books.
Wonderful journal like travel books with watercolor illustrations done by Vivian.
Gardens of Awe and Folly is her newest travel book.
I actually squealed with delight when the book arrived.
Now I can settle down with my tea and kitties and travel to Paris,
Key West, Marrakech, New Orleans, Long Island, Edinburgh, London, and
Rio De Janeiro
all in the comfort of my home.
I might even learn something new and something about life itself. 

Open the book, any page, and you'll find illustrations like these.

Gardens of Awe & Folly




Wishing YOU well and much joy!

No Place Like Home with Sandi
Yarn A Long with Ginny

Friday, April 22, 2016

This and That

1. Rain, Rain go away. We'd like to see the sun today! 


It got so dark in the middle of the day, the lights in the garden came on. 

2. No flooding on my block, but my favorite independent book store, Murder By The Book, had to remove their carpet. No books were damaged. Just enough water to ruin the carpet.

3. Speaking of books, I finished BLOOD ORANGE: A China Bayles mystery by Susan Wittig Albert. Believe it or not: number 24 in this series. I've read them all and enjoy visiting with the "friends" I've made over the years. Cozy reads (not too cozy), filled with information about herbs and gardens and a recipe or two. In BLOOD ORANGE, China finds that medicare and hospice fraud may have caused the murder of a nurse. 

4. Do you "recycle" books? My god-mother loves the China Bayles mysteries and would be disappointed if she didn't get the latest for Mother's Day. My copy is all wrapped and waiting for the trip to the postoffice. And, yes, she knows I "recycle" and approves. 

5. Today is Earth Day and I'm off with some electronics to recycle -- some very old phones and one of the very first iPads. 

The sun came out! 

Wishing YOU well and much joy!

Friday, April 15, 2016

This and That

Water Lily

1. The new lily in the water garden is blooming. 

2. One rainy day and I was able to finish Dimestore, Lee Smith's memoir.  Smith has been telling the stories of the Appalachian south for 45 years. Dimestore is her own story. From helping in her father's dimestore, to her son's death, to teaching, to the importance of local cultures, this book was a winner. A  small delight for all Lee Smith lovers! 

3. On my morning walks, I've noticed that the blue jays and mockingbirds are having a grand time "out mocking" each other. What a noisy group!

4. The Rice University baseball team is home this weekend. Games Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I think I enjoy going to the games because watching these kids keeps me young! Ha!

5. I'm almost done with my KAL shawl. Hope to show it off next week. My hands have lived through the knitting, but are starting to complain a bit. I will take a break for awhile when this one is finished.

Joining Nancy's Random 5 Friday.

Wishing YOU well and much joy!

Friday, April 8, 2016

This and That

Mug of Tea
Mornings in the Atrium

1. Opening day(s) for Major League Baseball is this week. Game after game after game could be found on ESPN. It is a baseball lovers dream! 

2. We've had such lovely weather I had to take advantage of it to walk into my village for breakfast. On the way in, I let a young lady who was walking her dogs pass me. She was a cute young thing. (I'm of an age now that anyone I deem younger than me is a "young lady" or "young man".) Dressed in a T-shirt with blue jeans that were rolled up past her ankles and her hair was in a top knot with the ends sticking out in all directions. Her dogs were bulldogs (mixes I think) and she walked them in tandem. As she passed I heard her say, "let's go sausages". I giggled and I've been giggling every time I remember them. Too bad I did not have my camera with me. Sometimes I think a book could be written just about the moments in time that make one smile. On the way home, the jasmine in one of yards was blooming. Oh, that sweet, wonderful smell of spring! Another one of "those" moments.

3. The weather won't be perfect forever, so in preparation for high temperatures and high humidities, I now have a new, efficient, heat/AC system. I won't discuss my empty bank account, but I'm ready for summer. Bring it on! Ha!

4. Taxes are done. It's always a relief when they are done and with no major disasters. 

5. Look at this! I have amaryllis blooming in the garden. I caught the sun at just the right angle. 


Five on Friday

Willy Nilly Friday

Wishing YOU well and much joy!

Friday, April 1, 2016

This and That

A memory from Paris.

1. I finished reading A Paris Apartment by Michelle Garle. I enjoyed it, but thought it could have been even better! Based on the true story of a treasure stocked Paris apartment that had been closed for seventy years. Amazing!

2. The Rice baseball team is away this weekend, which means I have the weekend to do whatever I want. The weather is supposed to be close to perfect, so sitting outside near the pond and reading sounds like a good idea.

3. The Final Four is in town ... lots of traffic. No, I'm not going, but will watch on television.

4. I'm getting a hair cut today and then off to the grocery store.

5. I've put my crochet hook down and got out my knitting needles. I find that crochet is easier on my hands, but I found a knit shawl pattern that looked pretty quick and easy so I thought I'd give it a go.  

It's so nice to have Nancy back with Random 5 Friday.

Wishing YOU well and much joy!