Wednesday, April 22, 2015

On The Hook

On the hook is a one skein baby blanket designed by Marilyn Losee
and a free pattern at Caron.

On The Hook

The pattern calls for Lion Brand Pound of Love,
a US K - 10.5 (6.5mm) crochet hook
and a J-10 (6mm) crochet hook

It is a simple double crochet and single crochet pattern that goes quickly.

On The Hook

Finished the edge with a simple picot stitch.
It's now on its way to the new owner.
Fun on a hook!
Calming too.
Almost like meditation.

Wishing YOU well, much joy and lots of yarn!

I'm joining:

Monday, April 20, 2015

Tea With Mina

Spring showers bring May flowers.
And we have had the April showers -- big time!
Along with the showers, that means humidity and when the sun comes out
It gets pretty steamy.

So, it's time to make ice tea!
I made a pot of tea using regular old Lipton teabags.
I sometimes will toss in a flavored tea of some kind just to make it a little bit different.
I don't sugar my tea.

I had a nice cup of hot tea before I put the tea into the icebox.
I used my new to me teacup I found at The Guild Shop.
I was with my good friend and one of my sister's by choice, Marilyn.
When I found this cup I knew it was meant to be -- it is called Marilyn!

Tea Time with Mina

I often get help when I get ready for tea.
Mina decided to help today.
She was interested in the Lipton tea
but not the sugar cookies!

Tea Time

My new teacup is quickly becoming a favorite.
It is the "Marilyn" pattern by Queen Anne.
I love the wide, lacey looking, aqua band.
The gold trim is perfect.
Footed cup and a tabbed handle.
And who wouldn't love the snowdrops?!
A perfect teacup to celebrate spring.

Queen Anne Teacup

Wishing YOU well, much joy and a wonderful cup of tea!

I'm joining several tea parties.
A big thank you to the hosts.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Liberate Your Art 2015

Liberate Your Art 2015 has come to a close.
The official postcard swap is over.
It was a lot of fun this year and now
It's time for the annual blog hop to see all the wonderful postcards.

The FaceBook group was very active and a lot of fun ... still is!
What a bunch of talented generous folks!

A big thank you to Kat Sloma and her helpers for putting this swap together each year.

Now, for the "official" postcards that I received:

Collage of LYA 2015 Postcards

The Eye by April Rocco. April lives in Cocoa, Florida.
The second card is a view of Notre Dame Cathedral from the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris. The photograph by Deanie Houghtaling.

post card collage

Kat asked us to photograph our cards around our house and that's what you see with cards number three and four.
The beautiful shore scene is by Darlene Cunnup.
"There is never one sunrise the same or one sunset the same." ~ Carlos Santana

"Just Dandy" is by Kelly Warren at Happy Shack Designs.

Postcard Collage

Postcard number 5 is photographed on my "crafty/arty" table. It is from Sharon in New Zealand. I believe it is the Maori design for the seahorse. Cool!

And last, but not least, is "Imminent Downfall" by Kat Sloma at Kat Eye Studio.

Fairies to Dance

Leave room in the garden for the fairies to dance is the postcard I sent during the swap.
I hope everyone enjoyed the plumeria blooming in my garden and could see the fairies!

And then there were the side swaps.

Postcard Swap

They are all beautiful.
How did so many of them know I love birds???!!!

Thank you, Sheila Delgado, Siobhan Wolf, Marsha Leith, Sherry Harmes, Terry Owenby, Michelle Matucheski and Kat van Rooyen. Many hugs to all of you.

This was my third year to participate and Liberate Your Art just gets better and better with each year. So much fun to dash to the post to see what treasure has arrived. So much fun to "meet" new folks and make new connections. So much fun to have the video return! I'm already looking forward to 2016!

Thanks again to Kat for another wonderful year.
See you in 2016!

Wishing YOU well and much joy!

Sunday, April 12, 2015


This is what was blooming in Musashi's Garden
this weekend before the rains came.


Gerbera Daisy -- such a fun flower.
The blooms didn't last very long.
The squirrels decided to see if they tasted good.
I found the petals, but not the tasty center!

Enchanted Evening Rose


To those three I added the Louisiana Iris Black Gamecock.
The petals are like velvet.


Wishing YOU well and much joy!

A big thank you to the lovely Judith for hosting Mosaic Monday.

Friday, April 10, 2015


- I love daffodils!


- I love iris.
My Granny and my Mother grew the most beautiful bearded iris.
All different colors. They were amazing.
I have not been able to grow bearded iris here, although I do know folks who do.
Perhaps I'll try again.
But, I did try growing Louisiana Iris and have my first blooms.

Louisiana Iris

- The Louisiana Iris is a native American iris.
This is Black Gamecock.
I planted the rhizomes 2 years ago and this is the first year they have bloomed.
Dark and dramatic, it's really hard not to touch the velvety looking petals.

Louisiana Iris

- I've been walking into the village early in the morning to have breakfast.
The earlier the better as the heat and humidity are arriving.

- Time to have the AC serviced.

- Do you like urban fantasy or magical realism?
If so, I've found a new author for you ... at least he was new for me.
Alex Bledsoe.
I started with The Hum and The Shiver and recently completed Wisp of a Thing.
The Hum and The Shiver was named one of the Best Fiction Books of 2011 by Kirkus Reviews.
Set in the mountains of Tennesse. Who are the Tufa? Lots of music and myth.
You'll ask yourself if you feel the hum or the shiver!

Wishing YOU well and much joy!

A big THANK YOU to Nancy for hosting Random 5 Friday.

Friday, April 3, 2015

This and That

- Got my hair cut and then had a lovely lunch at the Black Walnut.
I sat outside enjoying my salad, ice tea, and book.
And, I admit, I listened to some nearby conversations.
People are funny!

- I haven't found my Easter wreath.
I know I had one.
I looked in all the carefully packed bins marked Easter.
No luck.
So while I was out and about yesterday,
I found this little guy who now welcomes everyone at the door.
Better late than never!

Easter Bunny

- I'm becoming addicted to iced chai tea. Spending way too much time at Starbucks.

Happy Easter

- Easter is just around the corner. I'm sharing a reproduction vintage postcard. Fun!

- I'm spending most of Easter weekend at the ballpark. The Rice Owls have a three game series this weekend. They always have an Easter egg hunt for the kids. It will be colorful and fun!

Wishing YOU well and much joy!
Happy Easter

A big thank you to Nancy for hosting Random 5 Friday.