Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Yarn A Long

One of my sisters-by-choice is a member of Annie's Creative Woman Kit-of-the Month Club.
She doesn't crochet and since I do, she sent this kit to me.
I'm between yarn projects (just finished an afghan).
I needed an easy project while I decide what I want to try next. 
When I'm finished I'm going to send the scarf back to her!

Crochet Scarf

When I need to take a break from the crochet hook,
I grab a book.
I'm reading Paris Letters by Janice MacLeod.

Crochet Scarf

I was lucky enough to visit Paris with my knight in shining armor.
The Louvre with its amazing art collection 
and the crowd around Mona trying to get a picture of her.
The amazing windows of Sainte Chapelle.
I could spend days just sitting there.
Notre Dame
The amazing gardens and parks.
The Eiffel Tower -- it seems to hide and then suddenly -- there it is again.
The bread.
And, last but not least, 
I can still imagine the taste of the lemon tart I had in the little store on the Rue St Honore.
One must remember not to hurry these experiences, but stop and enjoy.

In Paris Letters we learn that Janice has job burnout.
She wants an answer to the question:
How much money does it take to quit your job?
She finds out, gives the reader suggestions,
and plans to spend a couple of years traveling in Europe.
She finds romance and a new business. 

Janice has a blog that you can find here.

I also follow Carol Gillott's blog.
She is another Paris lover and I enjoy her adventures in the city.

Wishing YOU well, much joy, lots of new yarn and a good book! 

Yarn A Long with Ginny.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Hop Hop Hopping

The Easter Bunny is getting ready for the big day.

Easter is Coming

 The arrival of the Easter Bunny
 must mean Spring is hop hop hopping down the bunny trail!

Easter Tea

Time to find the bunny teapot (a World Market find years ago).


While looking for the Bunny Teapot,
I pulled out the Rosina Iris teacup.
I must be prepared for spring!

In the spirit of the season,
I'm going to keep my dust bunnies as decoration! 

Wishing YOU well, much joy and a wonderful cup of tea.

Every Bunny
Needs Some Bunny

Bernideen's Tea Time Cottage and Garden Party

Monday, March 14, 2016

Irish Drinking Team

With St. Patrick's Day coming up
I've joined the official Irish Drinking Team
with one of my favorite drinks ---

The tea I've selected for the month of March is one of
 the Literary Teas from Simpson And Vail.  
The Literary Tea Line is a collection of blends that were created with a specific author in mind.
The teas vary from a black tea blend to a flavored herbal blend
and each is inspired by the authors' works and lives.

St Patrick's Day Tea

I filled the Belleek teapot with Simpson and Vail's Walt Whitman Tea Blend.
Simpson and Vail's Walt Whitman Tea Blend is inspired by his beautiful nature imagery in Leaves of Grass, especially the poems he wrote about roots and herbs. In one of his memoirs, Whitman describes a man who "express'd a great desire for good, strong green tea." This blend in an earthier and more mature variation of Simpson and Vail's Lemon Ginger Green Tea. It combines an unobtrusive green tea base with the earthiness of ginger and eleuthero roots (ginseng) and the sweetness and acid bite of lemon (with lemongrass, lemon peel, and lemon flavoring)."

St Patrick's Day Tea

"Walt Whitman was born May 31, 1819 to a house builder and his wife in Brooklyn. He was introduced to the written word at the age of 12 when he began working as a printer's apprentice. There, he taught himself to read and devoured the classics. When the printing house burned down, Walt taught for five years until he decided to pursue journalism. The first edition of Leaves of Grass, a rough self-published volume of only twelve poems, was printed in 1855. Whitman would continue to revise and reprint Leaves of Grass until he died. Though his contributions to poetry are considered some of the most important in American history, Whitman did not enjoy success in his lifetime. He spent much of his life struggling to get by with only a meager clerk's wage to support himself as well as his mother and invalid brother. An 1882 edition of Leaves of Grass finally afforded him enough wealth to buy a house in Camden, New Jersey where he would work on Good-Bye, My Fancy until his death in 1892.

(Surprise! I share my birthday with Walt Whitman!)

May you always
walk in sunshine.
May you never want for more.
May Irish angels rest their wings
right beside your door.
~ Irish Blessing

Wishing YOU well and much joy!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Let's Party!

"Spring is nature's way of saying, 'Let's party!'"
~ Robin Williams

My Freesia are blooming.
I have them in pots on the balcony.
I know spring is here when they start to bloom.


I love the yellow ... such a happy color!

I found some more freesia bulbs well after the season last year.
Such a small little bulb to make pretty flowers.
I bought them and added them to the pots.
The pretty red is one of the new ones.


"Spring won't let me stay in this house any longer! 
I must get out and breathe the air deeply again."
~ Gustav Mahler


Freesias are strongly scented. 
They have five to 10 single or double flowers.
Stems are usually 10 to 18 inches long with little or no foliage.
The bell-shaped freesia blooms up to seven days and comes in
white, golden yellow, orange, red, pink, mauve, lavender, purple and bicolors.

I'm joining Sun Lit Sunday


Mosaic Monday.

Wishing YOU well and much joy!