Friday, July 29, 2016

You've Been Warned

I was nervous about the rain we had earlier in the week.
We sure needed the rain,
but I didn't want to miss the Rice University Farmers Market Summerfest. 
I put on my raincoat -- sure that it wouldn't rain as long as I had it on!
And I was correct.

Vendors at the Rice University Farmers Market

The vendors were busy.

 I picked up some tomatoes from the young man in the orange shirt.
He works for Atkinson Farms.
He didn't have any of the sweet yellow tomatoes that I love,
but the red ones will be good.


Probably the last of the season. 
I was very happy to get them.
They have been delicious.


 I grabbed a beer from Karbach Brewery.
I tried the Hopadillo this time.
The cans are such fun.
The stories are always good.

"He lurks in the shadows, waiting in bold anticipation.
He's surprisingly bitter.
Bitter about something.
Legend has it that he feasts on those with fresh hops 
coursing through their veins.
This dry hopped, 
Texas IPA has a flavor as defiant as the Hopadillo himself.
It's packed with the bracing bitterness of hops from around the world
that this creature craves.
He's coming to get you.
You've been warned."


 I enjoyed my beer while listening to a fine, young trio.


They performed a rousing rendition of Goodnight Irene
and other snappy tunes. 

Not a bad way to end a very rainy day.

Beatrix Potter's 150th birthday was this week.
Three cheers for Beatrix, her love of nature, her great illustrations, 
her wonderful books. 
Pure Magic!

Wishing YOU well and much joy!

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Friday, July 22, 2016

A Whole Lot of Something

It is too hot and humid here.
Not fit for man or beast or the garden.
So, when the latest email from Pier One arrived,
I thought it might help cool me down.
Christmas in July! 

Pier One Email

So far, the cooling down hasn't worked!

2. Last week I was opening my first box from My Texas Market.
This week the kitties are opening their Kit Nip Box.

Kit Nip Box

No surprise that Mina was the first to check it out.
She went directly for the cat-nip elephant.

Kit Nip Box

It didn't take long for Cassie and Teddy to join in the fun.

3. A whole of something has been going on in the water garden.


I wonder if the fish will eat the eggs???

4. In the atrium, an anole was knocking at the door.


"It's hot out here! Let me in!"

5. I finished another lovie. 
This time a panda.

Panda Lovie

His eyes are a little wonky and his grin is lopsided,
but not bad for the first try. 

So far, I've made three owls -- all delivered far and wide.
Have another owl to make and then I think I might try a puppy.

Wishing YOU well and much joy!

Camera Critters

Thursday, July 14, 2016

This and That

I googled "subscription boxes" and was really surprised by what google found.
I had no idea there were so many.
There's KitNip for cats, Cat Lady for cat ladies, Blue Apron and Hello Fresh for food.
Bark for dogs. Birch Box for cosmetics.
Art Snack for artists (and wanna-bes).
And that's just the tip of the iceberg.
I'm sure if you can imagine a box, there is one. 

Why my sudden interest in boxes?

I heard about My Texas Market and decided to give it a try.

They send carefully-curated boxes filled with small batch, 

artisan items from local Texas businesses to subscribers every month. 

My Texas Market

I started with their July box that celebrates My Texas Market turning one.

My Texas Market

I had a good time opening the box.
A lot of information was provided about the contents.
There's cajeta from my favorite goat farmers at Blue Heron Farm.
Peach Jam from the The Peach Boys (too bad the sample jar is so small). 
A soy cupcake scented candle from Ecobabe.
Cookie mix (gluten free) from Bona Dea.
Cornucopia Popcorn, Patriot Pop.

All Texas artisans and small businesses and
10% of all profits are donated to the Houston Food Bank.
I like that! 

2. The Tour de France has started.
The countryside is so pretty.
Great history.
Armchair traveling at its best.
Let the cyclists do all the work!

Credit: Getty Images/ Chris Graythen)

3. Several years ago, I heard Martin Walker interviewed on NPR and I was hooked. 
I wait patiently (??!!) for him to write another book in his wonderful Bruno series. 
The latest is: Fatal Pursuit
Bruno is chief of police in the beautiful village of St. Denis.
The characters are "characters", Balzac is a wonderful dog, the food sounds delicious.
There is history of the area and of France ... this time WWII and a missing Bugatti.
A little bit of everything including gardening by the lunar calendar.
This is a mystery series I really enjoy.

4. Every time I go to the grocery, I always stop and check out the flowers.
If there are carnations, they come home with me.
This time, they are pretty in pink!

Still Life

5. All wrapped and ready for the baby shower this weekend.

Wishing YOU well and much joy!

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Friday, July 8, 2016

This and That

I hope all my friends in the U.S. and Canada enjoyed their holiday weekend.
This is what happened around Twisty Lane. 

1. One last lunch to celebrate my birthday
and my friend's birthday.
We were about six weeks late, but it's never too late to celebrate.
We went to Little Liberty.
(Perfect for the 4th of July weekend.)


We both ordered the Hawaiian Poke
(raw fish salad appetizer)
with tuna, tamari, cucumber base, mango and avocado.
Delicious and it all was on my diet!

2. I finished reading Clammed Up (A Maine Clambake Mystery) by Barbara Ross.
A good read for the 4th of July weekend.
Clammed Up is the first in the series.
I thought it was amazingly good for the first book in a cozy series.
Clambakes, Murder and Recipes -- what more could one want??!!

3. I was ready for the 4th of July.

4th of July

Uncle Sam was flying high over the bunting clad balcony.

4. I made a quick trip to Ross.
It's right next door to Michaels (more yarn).
I figured, why not!
Sometimes I find something, sometimes I don't.
I found these kitchen towels.

Kitchen Towels

I watched all the fireworks at home on tv -- switching between channels.
No way was I going out in the heat, humidity and crowds.

5. Several of you wanted to see the crochet lovie blanket.
I finished one of the owls and have a panda started.
Too cute!
All finished in time for the baby shower.

Owl Lovie

Wishing YOU well and much joy!