Thursday, June 23, 2016

This and That

1. I made a new friend last week.
His name is Bruno.
He belongs to a friend of mine.


Bruno is a three month old Mastiff.
He is a big teddy bear in a dog costume.
Like my kitties, he loves to have his chin scratched.

2. I'm working on another baby blanket.
Using my favorite pattern again.
It is quick and easy and looks complicated.
You can find the free crochet pattern here.

Baby Afghan

If I finish with time left before the baby shower,
I might try making one of these:

Animal Love Blankets

These little gems should be a good stash buster!

3.  I had a birthday at the end of May 

and all of my sisters-by-choice spoiled me.
They know all about my love for tea and I hit the jackpot.

Needlepoint Pillow/Rosina Teacup

One of my sisters is an accomplished needlepoint-er. 
She always has a project going on. 
The pillow is from her.
Perfect for her tea lover sister.

I love the Rosina teacup.
Very different with it's fluted tulip cup shape and high handle.
The saucer is fluted,too.
The blue design is very delicate.

The teacup sits on a Serendipi-tea Tea Box full of chocolate tea.
Sounds decadent, doesn't it!
Serendipi-Tea is a World Tea Awards Finalist for the Best Tea Brand.

4. In Musashi's Garden the plumeria is blooming.
Perfect timing: the gardenia just finished.
The garden has gone from one glorious scent to another.


5. When I put the crochet hook down,
I pick up Valiant Ambition by Nathaniel Philbrick.
I heard an interview with Philbrick on NPR.
I enjoyed it so much, I decided I would have to read the book.
It isn't exactly what I would call Summer Reading,
but it is a fascinating look at the American Revolution,
especially George Washington and Benedict Arnold.
With luck, I'll have it finished by July 4. 

Wishing YOU well and much joy!

Five on Friday

Home Sweet Home

Friday, June 17, 2016

This and That

1. Hard to believe.
I'm already getting emails featuring Halloween!
Maybe it will make me feel cooler.
We are well into the feels like temps over 100.
Heat Advisory Time.

Halloween Collage
Pier One Email

2. Every year on Flag Day (June 14) I look for my Uncle Sam flag for the balcony
and my Uncle Sam Welcome sign for the front door.


It's also not a bad time to start looking for the patriotic decor for July 4th!

Star Spangled Girl

3. I love carnations.
They are a cheap flower and last such a long time.
Getting ready for red, white and blue time!


4.. The Summer Solstice is just around the corner.
You might want to celebrate by making Honey Herby Cookies.
You can find the recipe here.


5. Just about the same time each year,
I look out into the garden and see the little Inca Doves.


Wishing YOU well and much joy!

Willy Nilly Friday

Five on Friday

Home Sweet Home

Friday, June 10, 2016

This and That

1. I missed the Farmers Market last Saturday.
Yep, more rain.
But, I hit the jackpot at the Rice University Farmers Market on Tuesday.

I came home with Greek Chèvre from Blue Heron Farm,
a loaf of Rosemary/Garlic bread, tomatoes, blueberries 
(I forgot to pull them out for their "portrait")
and, last but not least and certainly drum roll worthy,


I'm really looking forward to the Rosemary bread toasted,
slathered with chèvre and topped with tomatoes....
good for breakfast, lunch or dinner ... snack too!

2. It was on the warm side on Tuesday and humid.
But, I lucked out again.
 Karbach Brewing Company
was giving away beer to those of us 21 and over.

I tried Love Street.
There was even a story on the can:

"In the 1960s on Allen's Landing sat Love Street,
a hot spot of music and social impact.
The venue hosted eclectic characters ranging from open mic-er's
to the Lizard King himself. Love Street was not only a place,
but a state of mind. A place to unwind and let the music refresh your soul.

Likewise, Love Street is a state of mind. Brewed in the Kolsch-style and
hopped delicately with floral German hops, this beer boasts a clean
malt profile that refreshes to the core, without sacrificing character.
So crack one open and find your own Love Street!"

Now I ask you, how could I pass that up??!!
So, I'm having a Staycation, enjoying my water garden,
listening to music, a book and kitties nearby.
Beer or tea?
It must be cold, whatever the drink of choice! 

3. The baseball season has come to an end for the Rice Owls.
They lost in the regionals to LSU.
The Owls gave the Tigers a good run.
Already looking forward to college baseball next year.

4.  I'm still lunching with pals to celebrate my birthday. Yeehaw!

5. ICAD continues.
This is one of my favorites from the past week.

Flower Festival

Wishing YOU well and much joy!

Willy Nilly Friday

Five on Friday

Friday, June 3, 2016

This and That

1. I celebrated my birthday this week.

Cafe Caspian

A good friend took me to Cafe Caspian to celebrate.
I had Chenjeh (chunks) of chicken breast, marinated, skewered and charbroiled, served with Albalu Polow (Cherry Rice) white basmati rice topped with flavorful sweet and sour cherries, almonds, and pistachios.
Peach iced tea.

2. I have more celebration lunches planned with members of my tribe, 
but it has to stop raining.
Yes, it is still raining.

Fly HIgh

Fly High is my card for June 1.
Only 60 more to go! 

4. One year older means it's time for my annual with my Doc.
All the tests are done.
Meeting with him in two weeks.
The trials and tribulations of getting older!

5. I need to visit the farmers market this weekend.
I need more peaches!
I feel so bad for the farmers.
The rains haven't been kind.
Hope it isn't raining Saturday morning.

Wishing YOU well and much joy!

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