Friday, June 10, 2016

This and That

1. I missed the Farmers Market last Saturday.
Yep, more rain.
But, I hit the jackpot at the Rice University Farmers Market on Tuesday.

I came home with Greek Chèvre from Blue Heron Farm,
a loaf of Rosemary/Garlic bread, tomatoes, blueberries 
(I forgot to pull them out for their "portrait")
and, last but not least and certainly drum roll worthy,


I'm really looking forward to the Rosemary bread toasted,
slathered with chèvre and topped with tomatoes....
good for breakfast, lunch or dinner ... snack too!

2. It was on the warm side on Tuesday and humid.
But, I lucked out again.
 Karbach Brewing Company
was giving away beer to those of us 21 and over.

I tried Love Street.
There was even a story on the can:

"In the 1960s on Allen's Landing sat Love Street,
a hot spot of music and social impact.
The venue hosted eclectic characters ranging from open mic-er's
to the Lizard King himself. Love Street was not only a place,
but a state of mind. A place to unwind and let the music refresh your soul.

Likewise, Love Street is a state of mind. Brewed in the Kolsch-style and
hopped delicately with floral German hops, this beer boasts a clean
malt profile that refreshes to the core, without sacrificing character.
So crack one open and find your own Love Street!"

Now I ask you, how could I pass that up??!!
So, I'm having a Staycation, enjoying my water garden,
listening to music, a book and kitties nearby.
Beer or tea?
It must be cold, whatever the drink of choice! 

3. The baseball season has come to an end for the Rice Owls.
They lost in the regionals to LSU.
The Owls gave the Tigers a good run.
Already looking forward to college baseball next year.

4.  I'm still lunching with pals to celebrate my birthday. Yeehaw!

5. ICAD continues.
This is one of my favorites from the past week.

Flower Festival

Wishing YOU well and much joy!

Willy Nilly Friday

Five on Friday


Tanya Breese said...

i love that you are still celebrating your birthday and lunching with did hit the jackpot, that all sounds so good and those peaches really look ready to eat! i really enjoyed the story with the beer, neat and cheery can too! how nice that they were giving them away! thank you so much for linking and have a great weekend!!

Sharon Koole said...

Have a fun lunch with your friends! Love the Farmers' Market. There is nothing like good, fresh, local produce. You can find some really unique cooked foods there too sometimes.

Have a great weekend

Corrine at said...

Sounds like a perfect staycation. A little Blue Heron Farm - too bad it doesn't come with a visit from those puppies!!! xox

Tom said...

few things beat a juicy tomato! great card!

Anonymous said...

I'm all for celebrating a birthday and stretching out the gatherings. Happy Belated birthday to you. I need to get out to the farmer's markets more often. Glad you hit a good one. Enjoy your staycation and beer or tea!

mamasmercantile said...

I am a great fan of a farmers market, the peaches look wonderful. Loved the story on the beer.

Amy at love made my home said...

The peaches look delicious!! I am all for extending birthdays, so keep having lunches and keep enjoying it for as long as you can!! Thank you for taking part in Five On Friday. I hope you have a great weekend! xx

Terri @ Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Happy belated birthday..I can't remember if I already told you that or not. :) Love farmer's markets, but rarely get up early enough to go..and there are only two in close enough distance to be worth the trip. I am planning on going soon though because I can't miss out on fresh tomatoes for blts!

Ida said...

Farmers markets can be so fun and you always seem to get great produce, food at them. - The story on the Beer can was interesting. I'm not a fan of beer though so I probably would pass on that experience.

Mac n' Janet said...

I almost think we should celebrate our birthdays all year long. Don't go to our Farmer's Market, it's on Tuesday afternoon's, that's Happy Hour when we nap.

eclectichomelife said...

What a happy positive enthusiastic post. Loved it today

Debra She Who Seeks said...

FREE BEER? JACKPOT! And that rosemary garlic bread sounds heavenly too.

aspiritofsimplicity said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Have you heard the old song by the Doors, Love Street? I love the piano in it.

eileeninmd said...

Happy belated birthday! Your farmer market items sound delicious! I did the staycation last week, it was nice.

Happy weekend to you!

Rosie said...

The peaches look wonderful and I like the sound of all the produce you bought at the market and also the story around the beer and Love Street. Have a lovely week:)

Denise inVA said...

Happy Birthday! This is a lovely post, one which I enjoyed very much.

Martin Kloess said...

Well done. Appreciate you sharing.
Happy belated Birthday

Christine said...

Have fun continuing to celebrate your birthday! I'm tempted to try that delicious snack with some peaches after! Summery good eats!
Thanks for sharing and enjoy!

Lilly's Mom said...

Happy birthday! I hope you had a wonderful celebration. Those are such yummy items you brought home from the farmer's market. I hope your weather is improving and that you are having an enjoyable weekend! Pat

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

What a fun time - everything is just perfect.

Tomoko said...

Snap,Happy birthday! I like farmer market too. Your rosemary bread toasted looks so delicious! Such a beautiful photo, which is tempting me!
Have a happy day.

Linda said...

I keep forgetting to go to the farmer's market. It was this morning but I was distracted.

Terri said...

Happy belated Birthday! Have a lovely time with your friends.
Your farmer's market finds look delicious! Yum! And fresh peaches sound divine.
I missed going last weekend too, and can't wait till Saturday.
Thank you for visiting me! I missed seeing you all.

Tricky Wolf said...

Great post, love the story on the beer can what a nice touch!