Friday, December 6, 2013


I like oatmeal and I save it for cold mornings.
It is an oatmeal day!


Christmas is just around the corner. 
Time to share a reproduction vintage postcard.
The artist on the original card was Margaret Evans Price
 and it was published around 1922.

Christmas Postcard

"I'd like to share with you the joys of Christmas day,
so I send this little card on its
Merry Christmas way."

Thank you to the lovely Beth for hosting Postcard Friendship Friday.


We girls (Cassie and Mina and moi) got an early Christmas present
and you might say that Teddy got one too.
It was time for Teddy's six month ultrasound on his heart.
He has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and is on medication.
He passed with flying colors yesterday.
His wonderful vet said there was very little if any change.
The medication is working.



I haven't decided if I'm finished decorating. 
While I'm deciding, 
Cassie burrows under the tree skirt and moves the non-breakable ornaments
on the bottom of the tree onto the floor.
"Just helping, Mummy!"


The Rice University Owl football team is playing for the conference championship
tomorrow. I'm going. I'll probably freeze my fanny and other parts of my anatomy off,
but this doesn't happen often and I want to be there to see these scholar-athletes
get the job done. The football program here has the third highest graduation rate
for college football programs in the country.

Wishing YOU well and much joy!


Mary Howell Cromer said...

Love this and the the Siamese cat reminds me of my old favorite Lonesami~

Debra She Who Seeks said...

What an adorable photo of Cassie, the little helper!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you girls got good news about your sweet fella.

Pondside said...

Your header, the vintage card and the sweet face peering out from under the decorations - all images to make me smile as I start my day!
I love oatmeal too - the real thing - not from a paper envelope. I hope you enjoyed yours!

Tina Fariss Barbour said...

Great news about Teddy! I know that must be such a relief. We're putting our tree up this weekend. We're interested in seeing how Chase Bird will react. Good luck to the Owls! Our local high school is playing in the state semi-finals tomorrow. The game is in far southwest Virginia, so we're not going, but I do hope they win. :-)

Anonymous said...

Your potpourri always reminds me of Jeopardy...I'll take potpourri for $200 Alex! ;)

I'm so pleased that Teddy is still "no change"..that's a wonderful gift!

And heaving helpers with the tree -- well, could you ask for more?! hee!!

Corrine at said...

Cassie is such a cutie! Love the Christmas header and your vintage post card....have to dig out my Ray Coniff singers CD, my childhood Christmas listening...xox

Beth Niquette said...

LOL Your Cassie looks like she'd get along VERY well with my Toez. (grin) I adore this postcard--what a great find!

Have a lovely weekend and happy Postcard Friendship Friday!

Michelle said...

lol Gotta love a cat in a Christmas tree!

Paul van Yperen said...

Happy PFF, Snap, and thanks for stopping by! Glad to read that all's well at home. I also loooove the photo of your cat. And, don't, don't freeze tomorrow.

Terri Buster said...

I love the old holiday cards..old decorations...I wish I had more! Your kit-cat looks adorable under the tree skirt!

simply bev said...

You have a beautiful little helper there!

Cindy said...

Wonderful news about Teddy. I love seeing Cassie peeking out from under the tree and behind the balls. Dress warm and you should be ok

Deb said...

What a delightful photo of Cassie. I love it. Hugs