Friday, March 6, 2009

Journal Friday

Today is Friday and, lo and behold, I did get one journal page done this week. I was surprised! I had thought about using this journal page for Camera Critters for this week, but decided that Musashi deserved his own post -- again! In some ways, it was an easy page for me to do. Musashi's Garden is a bit of everything -- cutting garden, herb garden, vegetable garden, citrus garden. I took the empty seed packets I had saved and the daffodil and iris pictures from the packages and plopped (love those artist terms) them down on the page I had painted green. The emotional part came when I started looking at Musashi's pictures, scanning and cutting them out to place on the page. We really do miss him -- still.

I hope you'll take the time to read about Musashi's Garden here and here.

Thank you and TGIF!


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

I would wager that Musashi would love to see those cardinals in "his" garden. For those who understand, our pets are like are children, I can still cry over a lost pet decades later. I am now sitting with my 14 year old English Setter who saved me many times from all kinds of black holes. Although she's not infirm, I am acutely aware of her age and know it will be so very painful when she goes over the rainbow.

trisha too said...

fun pages--love the kitties!

thank you for stopping by during owoh; i'm still getting back to the zillion million visitors.

oh my yes, Bodhi Chicklet is right, our pets ARE like our children. don't even get me started.

Janet said...

The journal pages are really great. And I especially enjoyed reading about how Musashi's garden came about. I'm sure he would approve, and would enjoy it.

Pat - Arkansas said...

What a lovely idea! My most sweet kitty, Bubble, is buried in my back yard beside a tree where she loved to lie and watch the birds. I love the cat statue; I shall try to find a similar memorial for my Bubble.

My yard, which is pretty good sized, at present is not a sanctuary, more of a chore to try to maintain. My daughter and I spent the entire afternoon today raking, pruning, and eventually burning several piles of limbs and leaves. I smell like I've been barbequed.

TattingChic said...

What a fun journal page layout! The kitties are so sweet. :)