Sunday, March 8, 2009


I'm sure the post title got your attention! However, this is not the usual shopping. It is shopping at the Livestock Show and Rodeo (see previous post for some critter photos). We didn't take photos of the usual Livestock Show shopping stuff -- boots, cowboy hats, cattle trailers -- just the fun stuff and we aren't half way through! Good thing we had a good time and are going back next week!

How about starting with some words of wisdom. My two favorites are "Neatness and Organization Kills Creativity" (hope for those with a messy studio) and "I'm Still a Hot Babe ... only now it comes in flashes". The one with wine isn't bad either!

I've found one booth with quilts. I figure (by the price) that they aren't handmade in the USofA, but I didn't ask! They had some cute baby quilts and aprons. Colorful photo!

I got a real chuckle out of the night lights made with bottles of all sorts.

Mr. Dragon wanted a photo of the gun lamp. There is a small sign on the bottom that reads "Don't play with guns".

This booth was just too tempting. We stayed behind the little white fence. They advertise themselves as the largest traveling candy store! There was candy here that we both remember from childhood --- a very long time ago!

Furniture? You name it. This booth had it. The heron was quite spectacular.

Wonder what we'll find next week?


Janet said...

I want to go shopping with you!! Wow! Such cool pictures. I think I might have had to sample a little of that candy, and I'm with you on the signs. I love those things!

Pat - Arkansas said...

You saw some really "neat" stuff, Snap! I really like the herons. Nice!

Lissa said...

In my home:

A painted sign-"I don't repeat gossip,So listen well the first time"

and a coca night-light

Grandma's quilt

I draw the line at the gun lamp.

(Not too say of the heron sightings
that you already know about.)

What will you find next week at the show that is in my home oh great guide, SNAP?

Great pics-wish I was there, love those shows. I would of had the candy!