Friday, March 13, 2009

Journal Friday

I was surprised when I finished the journal page for this week. It has been so busy around here that I thought I wouldn't get time to smush some paint around. But look ... I did! And I had no idea what I would journal about ... and then, almost like a dream (the theme for the month over at Creative Every Day) ... there it was .....

Shangri La!!! I really think I need to branch out a little more with the color. Green is my favorite ... can you tell? Too funny. There are other colors, but I just seem to go back to green. This page was fun. I do believe the best things are found right under our noses ... right inside of us ... our own Shangri-La.

This week in The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women we've entered the Third Gateway: Actualizing Creative Results: The Power of Positive Priorities. I loved Carrie Fisher's quote, "I don't want life to imitate art. I want life to be art." Yeeehawww!

Gail McMeekin says, "You can design a life of creative fulfillment for yourself. You have the opportunity to select your goals for an abundant life of positive choices to enhance your creativity." One of the things she suggests doing is identifying your personal positive priorities.

I'm sure my age has a lot to do with where I am in my life. I quite like my life. I like that, finally, after many years of hard work in the medical profession, I am doing what I really enjoy. So here is a partial list of my priorities:
  • Live with grace and beauty
  • Live with kindness
  • Have life experiences that are joyful. Learn from those that are not.
  • Have successful relationships with people. Learn, love and hug!
  • Enjoy life! Hug the fur babies. Hug Mr. Dragon. Enjoy Nature - feed and nurture it and it will feed and nurture you.
  • Make the quality of living important. Explore!
  • Remember the power of Gratitude.
  • Love what you are doing.
  • Care for your body and mind. (I need to work on the body part).


D said...

"Hug fur babies." I love that as a priority.

Kate Tracton said...

I like your priorities list... we should all make these priorities!

I also enjoy visiting sites that are participating in journaling projects. It's so interesting to see the page evolutions. Some day, when I have more time (HA!) I think I'll try my hand at journaling too...


Genie Sea said...

I really love your Shngri-La journal pages. They are gloriously happy. :)

LissaL said...

Grace,beauty,kindness,joy,love, nurture,hugs--yes when I think of these words, I think of you and I am filled with gratitude that we are friends.

Lisa PN said...

Hug fur babies! I do this daily!

Thanks for your list! It's really a wonderful one!