Wednesday, March 11, 2009

i was photo tagged.... Carolyn at 8 Golden Paws
here is what you do..
1.go to the photo folder in your computer
2. go to the 7th folder of photos
3.go to the 7th picture
4.put the picture on your blog along with a description of it
5. invite 7 friends to join the challenge

Well, I went to the 7th folder of photos and then to the 7th picture and I'm afraid ya'll will be disappointed. It's a picture of the dining room all torn up after Hurricane Ike.

All the furniture moved to the center of the room (there were three more rooms just like this). The guys doing the work tried to be neat, but when you are working with drywall and plaster ... neat isn't in the vocabulary. The downstairs is pretty much back to normal. We are still working upstairs. Our guest bedroom is a real mess. Everything that had to be moved somewhere to get it out of the way of the destruction/construction was placed in that room. A lot of it is still there. Guess I should start cleaning clutter! I groan whenever I think about going in the room.

I think I may become a no tag zone like my good buddy Janet at The Lavender Loft. Being a no tag zone doesn't keep me from talking about Janet! I enjoy the awards and the playing. I just don't enjoy the tagging! I think everyone should have an award and everyone should share their photos!

So, that said, if you want to play ... TAG ... You're IT!


Janet said...

I did so many tags, many of them the same one over and over, that I finally went tag-free! Awards are great but I always hated to single out certain people.

I think your dining room picture is just's what happened so it's real. That's what pictures are....memories of things past.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

OK, I'll consider you a no-tag zone. I'm glad I read up and learned a thing or two about you. THAT is the interesting part for the one not writing the tag!

Maria-Thérèse said...

Oh my. Here we don't have hurricanes (yet). I'm amazed and scared to see pictures of their destruction.