Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thanksgiving is Coming!

My crochet blogging buddy, Christina, over at Crafty Christina, found this Thanksgiving Meme. I liked it so much, I decided I wanted to play too.

1. Which do you like better: Cooking at your house, or going elsewhere?
I like cooking at home best. I enjoy the special holiday dinner at home with my honey.

2. Do you buy a fresh or frozen bird?
The last couple of years we’ve gotten a fresh heirloom turkey. The first year it was really good and last year we were a little disappointed and they are really expensive. So, this year we are going back to frozen -- thinking a cajun smoked turkey sounds delicious.

3. What kind of stuffing?
Cornbread stuffing like Granny’s. Although, I saw a recipe recently with apples I’d like to try. Wonder where I put it? !!!!

4. Sweet potato or pumpkin pie?
How about pumpkin cheesecake?!!!

5. Do you believe that turkey leftovers are a curse, or the point of the whole thing?
I love turkey leftovers. I'll eat them for days until they're all done.

6. Which side dish would provoke a riot if you left it off the menu?
Bourbon sweet potatoes

7. Do you save the carcass to make soup or stock?
You bet!

8. What do you wish you had that would make preparing Thanksgiving dinner easier?
I think after all these years, I’ve got it figured out! I don’t need anything.

9. Do you get up at the crack of dawn to have dinner ready in the early afternoon, or do you eat at your normal dinner hour?
We usually eat mid afternoon. I’m normally not a crack of dawn person. I’m not fixing a huge turkey either and the smoked turkey really only needs a good warming.

10. If you go to somebody else's house, what's your favorite dish to bring?
Pumpkin cheesecake or apple pie

11. What do you wish one of your guests wouldn't bring to your house?
I’m always pleased that folks are thoughtful enough to bring a little something even if it isn’t eatable!

12. Does your usual mix of guests result in drama, or is it a group you're happy to see?
A group I’m happy to see.

13. What's your absolute favorite thing on the menu?
The turkey!

14. What are you thankful for this year?
I’m thankful that the love of my life, my best friend is sharing Thanksgiving with me. I’m thankful for my sista’s (love you Lucy and Mar). I’m thankful for another day on Mother Earth.


I found the recipe I mentioned above. It is from an email I received from Gooseberry Patch. It sounded good to me, so I thought I'd share. (I'm not a fan of bouillon -- too salty and would probably try some good chicken broth instead).

Granny's Apple Dressing
(From Gooseberry Patch Cookbook Autumn With Family & Friends)

1 1/2 c. onion, chopped
2 c. celery, sliced
1/2 c. butter
1 3/4 c. water
3 cubes chicken bouillon
12 c. dried bread cubes
3 c. tart apples, cored, peeled and coarsely chopped
Optional: 1 c. toasted slivered almonds
2 t. poultry seasoning
1 t. dried parsley
1/4 t. dried sage

In a skillet over medium heat, cook onion and celery in butter until tender. Add water and bouillon, cook until boiling and bouillon dissolves. Combine remaining ingredients in a large bowl; add onion mixture and mix well. Place in a greased 4-quart casserole dish. Bake, uncovered, at 350 degrees for 30 minutes, or until heated through. Makes about 2 1/2 quarts or 8 to 10 servings.


I want to let you know that I will be hitting and missing in Blogland for awhile. Mr. Dragon has some very serious medical problems that we will begin to deal with in the coming days. Please know that visiting you is a great comfort to me and a nice break from all that is going on now for us. I think of my blog friends often and appreciate you more than you know. Please keep us in mind in your prayers and good thoughts. I'll try to blog as much as I can. Promise.

Meanwhile, Joy To You!

I hope this weekend is a beautiful one for you.


Sheila said...

Prayers and best wishes for victorious confrontation with those medical probs for Mr. Dragon.

Wonder if the bourbon sweet potatoes are as similar to Jack Daniels Sweet Potatoes I just recently became aware of as it sounds...gonna HAVE to find a recipe as it sounds like a MUST try.

sherry ♥ lee said...

Sending prayers to you and Mr. Dragon ... for his good health and victory over his medical problems.

I love the answers to this meme...bourbon sweet potatoes huh?? Sounds good!!! And thank you for the recipe from Gooseberry Patch...I have one of their holiday books and there is something so "homey" about them.

Sharon said...

Now Snap, bourbon sweet potatoes sounds delicious! We always make a wild rice dish, cooking the rice the way the indians used to. Takes a long time but is oh so good. Having a vegetarian son I have to make an unturkey too. We have the regular turkey, so there is lots of cooking and traditions. The house is full of delightful smells and fun and laughter. Sharon

Barb said...

Thinking of you and Mr Dragon, Snap.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Neat Meme, Snap.... We enjoy turkey and all of the trimmings. Our dressing is not cornbread though... It came from my mother's recipe and is made with BREAD. YUM!!!!! I have a recipe for a fabulous sweet potato casserole. AND--I must have Pumpkin Pie.


Crafty Christina said...

Thanks for including the recipe! Pumpkin cheesecake sounds pretty great right now.

Kim Mailhot said...

This meme had me drooling, Snap !I have been making a pumpkin cheesecake to bring to my father-in-laws for the last couple of years and boy it it yummy ! Sounds lik eyou and Mr. Dragon have all you need for a perfect holiday !
Keeping you both in my prayers so that the road to get to it will be smooth and paved with love....
Big hugs !

Janet said...

I hope Mr Dragon is ok....I'll keep you both in my thoughts.

Loved the Thanksgiving meme....I think I might do it, too.

Sharon said...

I sure enjoyed your Thanksgiving meme. It is fun to see what everybody does.
Best wishes to you and Mr Dragon as you face the hurdles of health issues.