Saturday, November 21, 2009

Camera Critters

It's Saturday and that means Camera Critters time!

It's back to the Houston Zoo.

This time for a little something different:
Feast With The Beasts.

An evening with 50 different restaurants,
live entertainment (animals and a band).

Money raised from this event goes to feeding the zoo animals.

Feast With the Beasts 2009

We were greeted at the front gate by these little critters.

A zebra first.

Feast With the Beasts 2009

How many lions have you seen like this one?

Feast With the Beasts 2009

Just look at this really talented giraffe!

Feast With the Beasts 2009

Some of the zoo animals got special treats.
The wild dogs were given a hide to munch/play on/with.

Feast With the Beasts 2009

He really does look like a wild dog!

Be sure to visit Camera Critters for more critters.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Anya said...

I love the zebra
I have also seen it in bodypainting
I think this is a costume (or not)
The last picture looks scary
with those lasereyes !!!

((HUGS)) to your Furbabies
Kareltje =^.^=

Have a wonderful weekend

i beati said...

so cool glad you got photos sandy

~ Kathy ~ said...

The Giraffe was my favorite but the lion and zebra are cute too!! I dont think I would like to meet Wild dog with wild eyes!! lol
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Maria-Thérèse said...

That last photo is scary :-O
Ooh, the zebra!

Blogaire said...

Feast with the Beasts sounds like a really great idea. Fun, good food and helping the animals at the same time!

Ladynred said...

Sounds like fun. Interesting animals.

jabblog said...

Oh what fun! I hope this event raised lots of money for the zoo animals.

Cezar and Léia said...

That zebra was outstanding! :)
Very creative event!
Great shots!
purrs, love and happy camera critters

eileeninmd said...

Great fun and I love all the animal costumes. Great photos.

Maria said...

Really fun pictures, the costumes look great, and the last pic is really scary with those wild dogs!

Joy said...

Such fun photos!

eden said...

what a fun evening.. cool pictures you have here.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Looks like a fun evening and for such a good cause.

Barb said...

Hi Snap,
The People-Creatures are great! Looks like a popular event.

Karine said...

Very interesting twist on Camera Critters! As for the real critters: I had never seen a wild dog before reading this post, I surely wouldn't ever want to come across a real one!!! Very little risk of that in Montreal, I would say :o)

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Snap: Fun captures at the zoo of the wild dog and the not so wild animals.

Janie said...

You caught the wild dog with just the right eye reflection to look truly wild!
Fun to see the people getting into the act with their costumes.

Skittles said...

Cool critters.. the dressed up ones and the real one(s). =)

dosfishes said...

Love the giraffe, sounds like a wonderful time.

Wild dogs really do like wild stuff
to eat...sometimes not so pretty, but real. Even house dogs some times come home with wild goodies too!


jinksy said...

Gosh, a human zoo in the making!

AL said...

I wanna have that zebra costume!

Thanks for the visit!

Jenn Jilks said...

Fun shots - great take on 'critters'! Thanks for visiting My Muskoka!

Smalltown RN said...

Well those are some pretty amazing photos....I like the one's where people are dessed like animals...way cool

nonizamboni said...

Wow! what an interesting post for a fun event. Loved the stilts on the giraffe :O)
Have a great week!

Rosa said...

Whoa! To be able to pull those costumes off--whoa! Looks like fun. But the eyes--scary!

sweet bay said...

The last picture looks like that of a hell hound!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

What fun! Love the people animals too!

Sue said...

Cool pictures. That would be fun to go to a night like that at the zoo.

Thanks for sharing.

Barbara said...

I went to the zoo the other day with my sister Anne. I'm gonna post about it soon! I love the wild dog pictures! Wow. We don't have any of those over here. Creepy, but cool. I'm sure America would find the whole hide thing too politically incorrect for such shenanigans as natural behaviors... (she said sarcastically...) I loved the dressed up dancers though. That looks like fun.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Snap, What a neat fundraiser for the zoo. Looks like there were tons of people there ---so I'll bet they made alot of money. Was the food good?????

Those 'beasts' were fabulous.... Great costumes.

kanishk said...

The Giraffe was my favorite but the lion and zebra are cute too!

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lisaschaos said...

I love their costumes! Wouldn't it be fun to dress like a different animal everyday?!

Sharon said...

What a super event. I think all the zoo's should do that. Great photo's. If i had an outfit like that my elk would run for the hills screaming, 'the old gal has really lost it"! Was suprized by a bobcat the other day. He was in pursuit of a bunny. The bunny one.Sharon

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Fun shots! It's nice to see people having fun.

storyteller said...

Great idea ;-)
I love ALL the costumes, but the giraffe is my favorite!
Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

What a fun party! Real animals and play animals - both are interesting. I love going to the zoo!