Monday, October 12, 2009

My World

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I think I've mentioned before that we are baseball lovers.

I'm going to take you back to the end of September
and the last game of the season (for us) with the Astros.

It was a beautiful day and the roof was open!

We are huge college baseball fans
and get a real charge seeing *our* boys play in the major leagues.
Here's Lance Berkman (first baseman for the Astros)
with Paul Janish (short stop for the Cincinnati Reds).
Both of them played for Rice U Owls.
Lance was the college baseball player of the year.
Paul was on the 2003 team that won the college world series.
I wonder what they were talking about? !!!!!

It was Friday night and the last fireworks of the season.

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Have a wonderful week!


janice said...

It's nice to see hometown boys make it big.

Great fireworks pics. Have a great week!

sherry ♥ lee said...

Great photos Snap!! Reminds me of our trip to California last year where we watched the Padres, the Dodgers and the Giants. Matter of fact, the Astros played the Dodgers!!

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Beautiful fireworks photos! Baseball I know nothing about - but I would appreciate the fine sunny day that means the roof is open!

Sylvia K said...

What a fun day, Snap! Love your photos! And the fireworks are so colorful! Fun post!

Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Excellent post! Good to see it, huh?

Reader Wil said...

Very beautiful photos! I enlarged them to see more details! Thanks for sharing and for your visit!

JOE TODD said...

I like your world and the story you tell

Photo Cache said...

Oh Berkman is still playing! I haven't been following baseball lately. Years ago I was mad with baseball, I think that was the time when the 'stros had the killer Bs. How did your team do this season?

Barb said...

Snap - You really did a fantastic job on the fireworks! I'm wondering if you're still having nice fall weather there?

Guy D said...

I'm loving your world, excellent shots.

All the best
Regina In Pictures

Anonymous said...

the firework captures are a love that train loaded with the pumpkins!
thanks for sharing the end of bb season with us.

eileeninmd said...

Wonderful post on your baseball team. I love your firework photos, they are pretty.

SandyCarlson said...

These are great. That's where the sport is real, I think. And rewarding.

Babooshka said...

Love the fireworks so vivid.

Michelle said...

I love your baseball shots, Snap. I'm sorry the season is almost over. I am a baseball fanatic. Got my heart broken (not the first time!) by the Red Sox yesterday, (and the Patriots!) a sad day but you know the old saying....there's always next year!

Michelle ;)

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Snap: Wonderful shots to closing day at the ballpark. Neat fireworks photos.

Anonymous said...

Great job on the fireworks - a noisy end to a (relatively) quiet game.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Snap, I loved going to games there when I lived there. So exciting. I remember when they opened that stadium...

I am sorry that the Astros had such a bad year. Hopefully, next year will be better.

❦TattingChic said...

They were talking 'bout YOU! Ha ha ha. okay, maybe not, but wasn't it fun to think that for a minute???

Okay thanks for visiting my bloggy blog.
((Hugs))! :)

Ebie said...

Hi Snap, I love college sports too, cause we can track down which team they go PRO. Your fireworks shots are great! Is that train loaded with peanuts?

Hugs! And have a great week!

Margo said...

that would be fun to be somewhere where you can go see MLB. My husband is a wild maniac Phillies fan, and is pretty excited - but he's kind of filled up the DVR. Hope you have a great week too!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Great, GREAT firwork shots!

Anonymous said...

Wow, can I hire you to come take shots on New Years of the fireworks? Or maybe just hang out! Such a fun and lovely soul you are (loved the samurai kitty postcards and your post on truth too)
Have a lovely day/week!
PS 73 days til Christmas? Eek!!

Syaa_Fiqq said...

I love to watch baseball game.. Your fireworks are beautiful.. very nice captures.
Have a nice day my friend..

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Tes said...

Hi Snap! I am from Houston too. We are in the HW 6 - Bissonet area. I am thrilled to discover a blogging buddy who is also from "my world" -Houston!

Cheers for our team! What a lovely day to watch a game!

Nice shots, Snap! Have you seen the globes in Discovery Green Park? You might like to check it out if you haven't.