Sunday, October 25, 2009

Do You Remember?

Do you remember these from Christmas past?

The tin harmonic top hums as it spins.

Raggedy Ann and Andy with their button eyes
and embroidered heart mouths.

The silver tinsel tree that looks like
the aluminum trees you knew and loved
complete with a color wheel light!

The gumdrop tree.
(I still have my Mother's tree.)

Santa Light Pin
Pull on the string and his nose lights up!

All these wonderful, nostalgic goodies from Vermont Country Store.


It has been several Mondays since I last did any mulling. I guess Rocky's death and THE grandson's visit *threw me for a loop* (as Granny would have said). So, I'm back today. Mulling a little about nostalgia and words. Did you pick a word for last year? I've visited many blogs this last week, and many were busy picking their word for 2010. My word for 2009 was LISTEN. It's a lot harder than I thought it would be. LISTEN -- to the earth, to my heart, to the universe, to those I love, to those I don't love ... a real lesson this last year in listening. So, I'm thinking about the word for 2010 and I've made a list. Here are a few in no particular order -
  • comfort, change, abundance
  • renew, rejoice, energize, fresh
  • balance, wisdom, stimulate, stretch, transform
  • start, discover, explore, teach, test, relax
  • seek, practice, transform, dream, reach,
  • boost, imagination, intuition, visualize, communication
  • adventure, challenge, heal, revitalize
What do you think? I tried very hard to come up with words (except for dream) that were a little different. I have favorites -- adventure, boost and seek. I have a few more months before I make a decision.

That's enough mulling for today. Have a wonderful week.

Joy to You!


❦TattingChic said...

Cute stuff! Hey, thanks for visiting! :)

Indrani said...

It is soon going to be Christmas, how soon the time flies.

Linda said...

I don't know what a gumdrop tree is but I had a spinning top just like that one!
All your words are inspiring...but after the year I've had I think I may take 'heal' from your list, if thats ok.
Thank you for visiting me BTW!
Linda x

Kim Mailhot said...

There are a lot of good contenders on your word list. You know what I am slightly ashamed to say ? I don't remember my word from January. I need to go back and check - I know I chose one but it didn't become the "mantra" for the year that I thought it would...or maybe it did and I don't know it yet ?;) I know it has been a year of unbelievable change for me. Giving it a label more than that...not sure it is necessary or not !
I do love the list though- some juicy ones onthere, lovely Snap !
Happy Monday !

ginger@bearbits said...

Hi Snap, I remember many of those nostalgic items pictured above. We never had the silver tree though. Raggedy Ann is a favorite of mine. The one I have that my mom made for me is a real treasure. By the way, thank you for post the link to my giveaway. I appreciate it and good luck!

Diva Kreszl said...

thanks for the trip down memory lane!!!

sherry ♥ lee said...

I love so many of those words in your list...I can't wait to see which one you choose (decisions, decisions, decisions!!). As for your trip down memory lane, I had one of those tops...loved it. My mother looked high and low for a spinning top when my 21 year old was born..she finally found one and he loved it!

Margo said...

I like your word list - what a great idea! Also I remember all those things... I'd forgotten about my spinning top. I remember I had it so long it rusted!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

I do remember a few of those goodies - the top for one, but I never saw or had a gumdrop tree. Choosing a word is so very personal. You have some dandies on the list. Sometimes one will be obvious, will come to you in a flash. There are still two months + for letting one choose you.

SandyCarlson said...

I remember many of these things. And I use a white tree yet!

Anonymous said...

Love the vintage Christmas goodness! My word for last year was "delight" - I'm sort of leaning toward "dream" for next year, maybe with a sprinkle of all the other words you came up with - awesome list!!