Friday, May 1, 2009


Happy Friday everyone!

Today I have a journal page, cross stitch and a short review of a cozy mystery.

The journal page "Life is a Garden" was fun to do.
I cut and pasted, and cut and pasted, and cut and pasted, and .....
I stamped some, too - but didn't like it and tried to cover it over.
All in all, I like Ms. Flora in her garden.

Isn't this cute? Now I have to get it framed.
I have cross-stitch urge.
Good thing.
I have a huge tote bag full of counted cross stitch that needs to be done!

Lastly, I finished The Silver Needle Murder: A Tea Shop Mystery by Laura Childs. This was number nine in this cozy mystery series set in Charleston, South Carolina. I sometimes wonder why I have continued to read this series. The mystery is usually an easy one to figure out or one that comes to a completion in a moment and makes no sense. I decided I continue to read them because I like the setting and the characters. Theodosia Browning and the staff of the Indigo Tea Shop are "the cats pajamas" (thank you granny). Theodosia has a dog named Earl Grey who occasionally is in the spotlight; Drayton is a master tea blender; Haley the young baker extraordinaire; Delaine Dish owns the Cotton Duck Boutique; Detective Tidwell and Charleston is, well, Charleston!

In The Silver Needle Murder the Charleston Film Festival brings a busy week of catering jobs to the Indigo Tea Shop. The first job is for the opening night gala at the historic and newly renovated, Belvedere Theatre. The festival starts off with a bang when famous director Jordan Cole is shot on his way to the podium and the entire audience witnesses his death silhouetted across the scrim.

Theodosia is asked to stand in as a judge when two of them quit. She agrees and gets pulled into the investigation of the murder.

As in all good cozy mysteries, Theo finds out who done it by accident. She's in the wrong place at the right time. But the conclusion was a little abrupt and not well concluded. There are some nice recipes at the end and some suggestions for tea parties.

So, will I read another in the series? Yes! I love the characters and all the talk about one of my favorite subjects, TEA. I want to hear what new blend Drayton has come up with and what Haley's menu for the day is. Yum!

If you like cozy mysteries, these would be good summer reads (especially if you like TEA). Most of them are available in paperback at your local used book store.

Happy Friday!


Sarah said...

Love the journal page!! The saying is wonderful!! So true!! The cross stich cracks me up. I'm so busy doing artwork (a good thing) I do miss doing needlework! Beautiful work hon!!
The cozy mystery - sign me up!! I'll look for this one. I'm hoping to find my sis's new romance on the shelf this week - whoo hoo.
Have a wonderful weekend hon!
Namaste, Sarah

Kate said...

Congrats on the journal page.

And thanks for the book recommendation - I do love a good murder! :)


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

I love that journal page. The layers are amazing, you really feel like you are entering the garden. I followed your button about Wreck this Journal and loved the idea about being so carefree with something like that. My local bookstore even had a copy of it, so I'm ready. I can't believe the stuff you find - thanks!

Beverley Baird said...

Love your collaged journal page and the words are so appropriate.
I love tea as well - I must look up this series.
Have you read the Mitford series with Father Tim by Jan Karon? The way you described the characters in your mystery series reminded me of why I liked this series.
Great work!

Lissa said...

Twisty Lane is the best place in town.Maybe you should change your blog name to Twisty Lane treasures:) Always something wonderful to be found we stop by!
Have a wonderful weekend my friend-no formal notes or blogging--Just do me a favor, dance with Mr. Dragon:)

Janet said...

That journal page is fantastic! And I love the cross stitch....that is my motto for sure! I hate cooking and always say I'm allergic to kitchens!

Leah said...

I love the art journal page!! Beautiful!