Friday, May 22, 2009


It's Friday, so it must be Potpourri Day!
I'll start off with the journal page -- visiting the sea
and using some of the techniques from Pam's class.

The fish stamp and the bubbles are my favorite things!

I just finished reading Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See. I bet most of you have already read this fine novel. It was in our bookcase and just happened to jump into my hand when I went looking for a new read. See! I can read something other than a mystery! If you haven't read Snow Flower and the Secret Fan yet, you must. I give it my highest recommendation -- five dragons!

"In nineteenth-century China, in a remote Hunan county, a girl named Lily, at the tender age of seven, is paired with a laotong, or "old same", in an emotional match that will last a lifetime. The laotong, Snow Flower, introduces herself by sending Lily a silk fan on which she has written a poem in nu shu, a unique language that Chinese women created in order to communicate in secret, away from the influence of men. As the years pass, Lily and Snow Flower send messages on the fan and compose stories on handkerchiefs, reaching out of isolation to share their hopes, dreams, and accomplishments. They both endure the agony of footbinding and together reflect upon their arranged marriages, shared loneliness, and the joys and tragedies of motherhood. The two find solace, developing a bond that keeps their spirits alive. But when a misunderstanding arises, their deep friendship suddenly threatens to tear apart." (Taken directly from the back of the book ... I couldn't have said it any better!")

Look what Lori sent to me -- a beautiful skein of wool yarn with the instructions to make something wonderful for myself. I will, I promise! Lori was part of my Pay-It-Forward and the yarn was a thank you. No, thank you, Lori! Be sure you drop by and visit Lori at Pretty Things where you'll also find a link to her shop (beautiful jewelry).

Lastly, I would like to leave you with a Thought For The Day.


Cynthia said...

That yarn is gorgeous!! I have read "Snow Flower..." a few years back and remember enjoying it very much. there is one you might enjoy as well... "Tale of Muraski." Very good.

Your under the sea pieces just reminded me of floating upon the sea, feeling the life beneath me. Very pretty.

Kate said...

Love that jellyfish! Beautiful.

Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my last post. It meant a lot...


Sharon said...

Love your creatures to see. That class sounds like fun. Sharon

Kim Mailhot said...

If that's what it is all about, then I guess I will have to turn myself around...;)

Loving the fishy goodness - the backgrounds are so lovely too.

Janet said...

First of all your journal page looks great! Did you say that fish is a stamp? Did you paint it? Beautiful!!

And yes, I read Snow Flower and the Secret Fan and absolutely LOVED it!

artandtea said...

What a beautiful journal page! I've just recently started creating an art journal and I love to see what other artists are doing with their journals.
Your new yarn is yummy, I love the soft colorway. I hope you have fun creating something with it.
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Much appreciated! I so enjoyed visiting yours and will come back often. We have a lot in common.