Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dick's Art

Mr. Dragon is really the artist in the household.
He waited until he was retired to take lessons.
He's had a few classes at Glassell (the art school attached to the museum).
Finally, got around to taking photos of the work he did in class last semester.
Included are the first *color* drawings he has done -
pastel and color pencils.
Starting off with one of my favorites above.

Musashi's Garden

I love this one.
I loved the pen and ink before the color was added!

Let's talk about negative space.

He's taking two workshops this summer:
pen and ink
color pencils.


Sarah said...

Oh very cool stuff - I especially like the leaf!! Thank you for sharing his work!!!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

He definitely has a style, doesn't he. I can see why you two are so good together - a love of art and creating art. Thanks for sharing with us.

Sharon said...

I tryed to pick one favorite. I find them all very interesting.I do like the one looking down on the desk and chair. You two must have a lot of fun. Sharon

Janet said...

I like his style. The first one is probably my favorite, too but then I also like the last three....the ones with very geometric shapes.

Two artists in the family! That must be a fun house to live in.

Cynthia said...

Wow! The POV looking down into the room is Great and I love the last one. Pretty damn good! Love his style.


Pat - Arkansas said...

Go, Mr. Dragon! Very interesting art. My younger sister, who has always had an interest, but no time, started taking art lessons after she retired. It has been a wonderful outlet for her and, I have to admit, she's getting pretty good at it! Watercolor is her current medium of choice.