Monday, May 4, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

Today we were given the choice of the regular
Simple Woman's Daybook
20 Of My Favorite Things.

Here's 20 of My Favorite Things!

1. Color- green -- all greens -- remind me of Mother Earth

2. Dessert- I love cherries ... cherry anything!

3. Smell- honeysuckle

4. Flower- Iris

5. Animal- kitties!

6. Month - October

7. Beverage- tea

8. Pair of shoes- tennis and a pair of SAS sandals

9. Snack- I try real hard not to snack -- anything salty or a piece of
cranberry walnut bread

10.Song- Almost anything by HEART, soundtrack from Les Mis

11. Book- War and Peace

12. Fruit- if it’s not cherries, it better be strawberries!

13. Hairstyle- I’d love to wear my hair in a pony tail,
but it isn’t long enough and long hair makes me look shorter!

14. Piece of clothing- I really don’t have one .. a favorite, that is!

15. Store to clothes shop- Lands End, Stein Mart.
No more board meetings or faculty shindigs.
I don’t have to shop for clothes anymore, so I don’t!

16. Season-Autumn

17. Hobby- Too many hobbies ... knit, crochet, counted cross stitch, mixed-media, reading

18. Thing to collect- too many collections, too.
Dragons, chickens, books

19. Movie- Still thinking! Not a movie goer.

20. Restaurant - Benjy's

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Janice said...

ooh I love cherries too, but we only get them at certain times of the year and they are always very expensive. Enjoyed reading your list :)

Kim Mailhot said...

Love the list - helps us get to know each other better ! Love Autumn, October (birthday month !), cherries and green too !

Does your Dairy Queen have cherry dipped cones (instead of chocolate) ? I had a medium vanilla cone dipped in cherry as a treat on Saturday after gardening all morning. Yum !

Happy Monday again !

Snap said...

I'll have to go to Dairy Queen and find out about the cherries!

Terri said...

I'm having to beef up my "in between" wardrobe. I lived in blazers and suits for work or extremely casual for around the house. I need casual, nice looking stuff. Chico's is great for that!

I with you on the honeysuckle. Nothing better than to smell that fragrance on a warm spring morning.

Janet said...

Love your list....and I laughed out loud at the piece of clothing comment! Good to know you aren't a nudist!!

Many of these answers could have been mine, too.

Maria-Thérèse said...

October?!? Autumn is not my favourite time of year but I suppose I like the colour of October - you know, the few hours per day we actually see them here ;)

A happy heart at home said...

Cherries, October, crochet, and tea - I like them, too!


Maria-Thérèse said...

I almost got your package!
It got stuck in customs so I'll probably receive it in a couple of days!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Cherry dipped???!!!! I have to see if our Dairy Queen has that! Cherries are my favorite too. Cherry this. Cherry that. I once lived on the second floor of a flat that had an enormous sour cherry tree growing in the garden on the first floor. I could stand on my balcony and pick handfuls!!! It was great and worth the discovery that I have an allergy to the cherry blossoms - two eyes swollen shut as if I'd been in a fight the first morning the pollen broke. But this is about YOU and not me! So nice to find out more about you.