Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Morning Ritual

How to Create a Powerful Morning Ritual
by Christine Kane

It is said that your habits create your destiny.

I'd add that your habits also create your confidence, courage and even your creativity!

In other words, your daily choices, routines, and seemingly insignificant moments make all the difference in your results.

One of the best ways to generate great results is to create a morning ritual. A powerful morning ritual sets the tone for your entire day - and your entire year!

A ritual is personal. A ritual is creative. (Not reactive!) A ritual is what gets YOU on track to create your best day. (And subsequently, your best life!) It can be as simple as a 15-minute routine, or as intense as long-distance running. The important thing is that it becomes a HABIT.

My morning ritual combines a mixture of physical, mental and heart-centered activities to engage each of these human power centers!

Here are some ideas to help you create your own powerful morning ritual.

Hydrate First

Many Eastern health practitioners recommend chugging down at least a half-liter of filtered room-temperature water first thing. (Yes, before your coffee!)

Upon waking, your body has spent hours without hydration. Drinking pure water at this time triggers a series of physiological functions that keep your body super healthy. Some report that this one practice can actually heal many diseases. (I'm not a scientist – but I can attest to the amazing results!)

Get Moving

Exercise is called "The Number One Form of Preventive Medicine."

It is also a prescription for happiness and a cure for depression! Getting exercise first thing sets your day off right. You can do a simple stretching routine, yoga or an all-out heart-pounding hour at the gym. Pick something do-able and do it.


Many people don't meditate because they find it intimidating. I say, start with just 5 minutes. Meditation connects you to your center, and to the deep silence that surpasses any drama that might be happening in the world of your personality. Don't worry about doing it right. Just allow yourself the time to BE.

Set Intention

"Intention rules the earth," says Oprah Winfrey.

It's true! Your intention is a powerful force to engage.

Remembering your intention puts you back on track. You become focused again.

Reflect for a moment on your Word of the Year. Read a goal you've written down for yourself. Remind yourself of a financial dream. (If you're one of my new students in Uplevel Your Business, read the intention you wrote down on the first day of the program!)

You don't have to know the HOW. You just need to set the intention so your inner GPS can stay on target!

Be Grateful

Before I get out of bed, I silently create a morning gratitude list. When I begin my day remembering my "gratitudes," (instead of my "anxieties") my heart fills with extreme joy and deep awareness. I then bring that energy into everything I do - and to everyone with whom I connect.

Use a Netty Pot

(This one's a little weird!)

For years, my acupuncturist told my husband and I to use a Netty Pot. We laughed at him. Then, in the face of acute sinus problems, my husband tried it and became a convert. He converted me.

A Netty Pot uses warm water and a special salt to cleanse your sinuses and clear your breathing. Google it, and let the idea sit with you for a while. (You might be a convert too!)

Eat Creative

Your choice of breakfast foods can set up your success with other meals as well. Start your day off in the healthiest way possible for you - and make it a ritual, not a chore.

Be Prepared: Create a Not-to-Do List

Everyone needs a "Not To Do" morning list.

Suggestions here include anything that brings up a "reactive" state: Turning on the local news. Checking email. Answering texts. Answering the phone.

Let these things wait until AFTER your ritual has been completed!

Your Assignment:

After reading this article, don't just think, "Wow. Those are some good ideas. I should try one or two."

Instead, deliberately create your morning ritual now. Take about 20 minutes to think about and write down what your ritual will be each morning. Start simple at first. Choose one or two items from this menu. Or come up with your own. Write out your Ritual in detail.

Begin first thing tomorrow morning, and let your habits create YOUR destiny starting now!

Performer, songwriter, and creativity consultant Christine Kane publishes her 'LiveCreative' weekly ezine with more than 11,000 subscribers. If you want to be the artist of your life and create authentic and lasting success, you can sign up for a FRE*E subscription to LiveCreative at
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Kim Mailhot said...

True true true ! Recently started a stretching followed by big glass of water morning ritual. When I do it, I feel energized and ready to start my day. Without it, sluggish and ho-hum. Again, it is just a matter of picking up those tools...
Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday, Lovely Snap!

Sherry said...

How cool is this...we are completely on the same page this morning...a clear case of great minds thinking alike!! :)

Maria-Thérèse said...

I have never thought about it this way and I suppose there isn't a solution for everyone, but I guess I could try some of the really avant garde advice like not reading my messages first thing. Hm. I sort of want to check all information as quickly as I can so that I feel in control.

My morning ritual so far goes like this: Wake up. Fall asleep. Hit snooze five times. Think about how late it is but also consider how late I fell asleep. Count hours. Eventually drag myself out of bed, turn on radio to wake me up, make super black coffee, check messages while coffee is being made, have breakfast, read paper, go to computer and sit there all day except for a brief walk.

No wonder I'm stressing myself apart but I really don't know what to do about it. I don't have any employees, there are things to do. My need for control may be excessive though.

♥ Maria-Thérèse

Janet said...

I get these too and I especially enjoyed this one.

Lissa said...

I have an definite afternoon ritual which is much like the a.m. suggested. I am a night owl, always have been. So afternoon works best for me! Can't imagine drinking water b4 coffee, but I just might try it!
Hugs & sunshine from FL:)

Barb said...

So true, Snap. I already have a morning ritual and the routines I've developed help me immeasurably.

Carol said...

Good thoughts to reflect upon.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Oh yes, I saw this, loved it, wanted to make me start drinking tepid water in the morning! Usually I start with a tall glass of cold tea because it feels so clean.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I like this Snap---and we do alot of these already. I always drink a glass of lukewarm water when I get up... It helps my 'system' work right!!!

We eat a healthy breakfast and we sit down every morning and have a 30 mintue devotional.

I have never heard of a Netty Pot---so will have to check that one out.

Thanks for sharing.

Glennis said...

I tried a netty pot or rather just nasal washing, but all I ended up with was a dreadful strong taste of salt all day long it didn't make any difference to my sinus proble as far as I could tell.

Pretty Things said...

I'm scared of the netty pot -- does it hurt?