Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Couldn't Resist!

I know. It's Critter day. But Mr. Dragon and I have a big baseball day today!
Rice Alumni Baseball game starting this morning and then an afternoon scrimmage with the *real* team.

I ask you!
Could you resist?
I couldn't!
I had to share it with you!

Isn't this marvelous? Go over to Red Brolly and get the pattern!
You'll have to scroll down a bit, but you'll find it!
My fingers are itching!


Sherry said...

This is adorable Snap!!! I can see why your fingers are itching!!! Enjoy the baseball!! ♥

Tes said...

Absolutely adorable, Snap! Thank you for sharing! :) Enjoy the game, girl! :)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Perfect piece for a Cat person... I'm sure you will get it --and I want to see pictures of your finished product. Okay????

Have fun at the games today.

We have a little more snow here this morning--just a dusting but pretty.

Barbara said...

Beautiful, beautiful and thank you for sharing. I'll go there now and check it out.

Carole said...

That is sweet. I have a friend who would love this!

dosfishes said...

So pretty. Can't wait to see what YOU
stitch. Hope the game was fun.

Deirdra Doan said...

You were so sweet about my sea doll I am touched.
My husbands CD Eire won best Celtic album. I think you might like it.
And you can buy it from him if you like.

I made a movie of him in Ireland...Thanks for your visit.

Janet said...

The cat embroidery is so cute. I haven't done any for quite some time but this might just tempt me.

Sharon said...

How sweet is that. My cat Midnight said she was the model...I don't think so, not at 26 lbs.Lol. Just came up for air as I have locked myself in the studio to finish all projects. Haaaaaaaaaaaa See you in about 3 years. Now I will have to add that kitty to my project list...thanks a lot Ms. Snap. Hope the baseball game was fun for you two! Sharon