Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Little Catch Up

We've been busy.

Enjoying life and the break Mr. Dragon has had from treatments.

Tomorrow we start again with all the restaging procedures before surgery on March 9.


Meanwhile, we love NPR - National Public Radio.

When we heard "Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me!" was going to tape in Houston, we knew we had to go. They were here two nights and both were sold out. This adventure was our Valentine's present to each other.

Peter Sagal started us off laughing by saying "all the liberals in south east Texas must be here tonight"!!! Two hours later and we were still laughing! Don't know when I have ever laughed so hard. You might have caught the broadcast that was taped in Houston. That was us! We heard it here on February 13.

The show was 30 minutes late starting as Carl Kasell had a hard time flying from Washington DC to Houston ... it was the weekend of one of the bad winter storms. Tom Bodett, Kyrie O'Connor (the Houston girl) and Paula Poundstone were the panelists. Too much fun.


We've been to the zoo and saw, for the first time, the memorial brick we ordered for Mr. Rocket Man. (Oh, my ... how we miss that little guy ... still.) It is right in the middle of the entry way of the zoo. Perfect!


Baseball is keeping us busy. We watched 6 college games this weekend!


Finally, once again I'm asking for your prayers, thoughts, white light, juju, candle lighting, chanting, however you may call on the spirit you believe in - to watch over
Mr. Dragon as he begins the restaging procedures and has surgery next week on March 9.

Thank you!


Sherry said...

What a beautiful memorial for Rocky!!

And laughter...wonderful medicine no matter what mood you are in...there's something magical about it.

Keeping Mr. Dragon (and you) in my prayers sweet Snap! xo ♥

Crafty Christina said...

You are both in my prayers!!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Yo have been busy. Remember that book by Norman Cousins about laughing yourself well? There is much to it, if you ask me. And of course, I'm stepping up the juju. This next step is necessary, take all the help offered and concentrate on the two of you.

dosfishes said...

Beautiful stone for Mr. Rocket Man.
Laughter was the way to go to get in that frame of mind for this week coming up. So glad you laughed as hard as you did.
Thoughts, prayers, positive energy
all going out to you both.

Janet said...

What a fun night that must have been....and a great Valentine's present.

Your memorial is so cool and what better place to be than right in the entry way where everyone will see it.

My thoughts are with you and Mr Dragon. I'll even throw in a little chanting and candle lighting just to be sure! It all helps.

Kate T. said...

Wow, you covered a lot of ground here.

There's NOTHING like laughter to do a body good. I'm so glad you had a good time at the show (was that YOU I heard laughing like a hyena in the audience?) :D

I will hope, pray, and "ohm" for a safe procedure for your Mr Dragon. I do hope it goes smoothly and does the trick.

Be well,