Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Self-Esteem Exercise

The world must be coming to an end! This is my third post of the day. I finally had a chance to read my email and the DAILY OM was just too good again. I had to share. I think this little exercise would do us all good!

Daily OM

February 26, 2009
Five Things
A Self-Esteem Exercise

Our primary relationship in life is with our selves. No one else goes through every experience in life with us. We are our one permanent companion, yet we are often our worst critic. To remind ourselves of our magnificence, we can do this exercise: “Five Things I Like About Myself.”

Begin by writing down at least five things that you like about yourself. This is not the time to be modest. If you are having trouble coming up with a total of five items, you know that this exercise can really benefit you. Be sure to include more than your physical attributes on your list, since our bodies are only part of who we are. If you are still struggling with what to include on your list, think of what you like about your favorite people, because these traits are probably qualities that you possess too. Another way to complete your list is to think of five things you don’t like about yourself and find something about these traits that you can like.

Continue this process for a week, thinking of five new things you like about yourself everyday. At the end of the week, read the list aloud to yourself while standing in front of a mirror. Instead of looking for flaws to fix, allow the mirror to reflect your magnificence. You may feel silly about standing in front of a mirror and reading aloud a list of your admirable attributes, but it might just bring a smile to your face and change the way you see yourself. Remember, it is when you feel the most resistant that this exercise can benefit you the most. Because we are constantly looking at the world, instead of looking at ourselves, we don’t often see what’s magnificent about ourselves that others do. When we take the time to experience ourselves the way we would experience someone we love and admire, we become our best companion and supporter on life’s journey.

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Janet said...

This is a great idea although I'm sure I'd have trouble thinking of five things every day for a week! Maybe I'll give it a try and see how I do.

Maria-Thérèse said...

I may just do this starting today.
Although sometimes I think I think too highly of myself, my head might explode ;)
Nah. Kidding.
Half kidding.

Seriously though - after the huge computer crashes, not just one but 2,5 crashes, I need to regroup somehow and find energy and just believe everything I'm doing isn't turning to crap.

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