Friday, February 20, 2009

Journal Friday & TNC

First, lets add some paint to the journal pages and then we'll talk!
One of my best buddies (one of the ladies I call sister by choice) was by the house yesterday
and took a look at the original journal pages.
Like you, she had just seen them on the blog.

She mentioned that she thought I was using the same
colors that a dear friend (and artist) used
in her work.
Unfortunately, cancer took our friend from this earth
many years ago.
She was much too young and we miss her. She was one of a kind!
Perhaps she is my guide now?

This is week seven in The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women by Gail McMeekin and Secret Seven is Consulting With Guides.

"As the creative path can be lonely and fraught with arduous challenges, help from guides can keep you centered and well-advised."

As Oprah Winfrey says, "Surround yourself with people who are going to lift you higher." Being part of this book group is one way to lift myself higher. Being part of Creative Everyday is another.

Gail McMeekin said many things that grabbed me by the tail (see earlier posts for being swung around by the tail reference!). Among them:

"It's amazing how the power of being heard and valued can clear the cobwebs and allow us to identify what we really want."


"We are all guides to someone in our lives and therefore we have opportunities to nurture and support others. It is not appropriate to condemn and devalue other people's innovations. We can express our honest opinion but with reverence for the person's courage to express herself. A world where each of us sees our chance to play guide as a sacred role will help to heal the scars of creative destruction that too many of us have already experienced."


Which leads me (finally) to the almost finished Friday Journal Page.

Somewhere out there in blog land, I read about Tarot Journaling.
I visited half price book store last week and found, lo and behold,
a book titled Tarot Journaling and next to it was The Runic Tarot.
Ok. Sometimes the big U does not have to hit me over the head.
I brought both the book and the cards home.

Then I decided to work with cards I already had, the new ones
and picked The Lovers from the major arcana to start with.
It was an experiment and, I must say, it was very successful.
I used the Lovers from my old Waite deck -- the deck I used 30+ years ago
almost daily for myself and for others.
The Japanese Deck is based on woodblock prints.
But the card I found that sounded the most like me today is one
from the Dragon deck and the new Runic Tarot. (Really!)

Enough! I could go on and on. I will try this again, but next time
I will pick a card at random and use all the decks again
and see what I learn about myself.

This came in my morning email -- my message from the universe.
I'd like to share it with you.

Whatever it is you want, however you want to have it, no matter why you want to have it, Snap, you can have it faster if you can first be happy without it.

Sneaky, clever, foxy, wry -
The Universe

Have a wonderful, peaceful, innovative, joyful, Friday!


CynthiaMarie said...

Clever girl, you stole my idea! well at least the tarot part and the compass heart part -- ah well so much for originality! Fantastic serendipity for you!! How exciting to play with! have fun exploring!

Lovely pages, great color and composition and essence!


Melba said...

Yes! I love that quote you shared
"Surround yourself with people who are going to lift you higher."

Tracy said...

So nice to meet you, Snap! Thanks for taking the time to leaving a kind comment on my blog. :)

Lori Anderson Designs said...

I LOVE it! Why, oh WHY am I so afraid to step out and TRY this? Probably because all the work I admire rocks out loud?

Lissa said...

The universe and your friend are working together I am sure. The Tarot journal sounds neat, but I too am feeling like Lori.

Genie Sea said...

Isn't the Universe grand? I love your Tarot Journal page. The colors and nuances are just captivating.

I love the last affirmation you got int the email. Be happy without them first. Indeed!

Wonderful post. Thank you :)

Janet said...

I got that same message about being happy without it first....I'm trying to do that with a couple of things. I love how The Universe works, don't you?

Your Tarot card pages are great.

Cindy said...

Love the affirmation you got from The Universe. I get them too and was so pleased when it showed up in my box. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Most of the time, I do look forward to my upcoming move with excitement and curiosity. It should be quite an adventure!

Thanks again :)

KathrynAntyr said...

Great post! I love the idea of tarot journaling. I recently picked up the Kat Black Golden Tarot which is a collages of medieval and early renaissance art. I tend to draw three cards and I've started writing about the reading in a new journal. I like the idea of visually journaling with the Tarot.

Your quotes are right on. It is important to surround ourselves with people who lift us up. I think the key to our happiness lies in our gratitude.

Thanks for sharing this journey!

Merry Thyme Fairy said...

hi snap!
thanks so much for all your awesome comments on my blog!!
i lOVE your journal, it's gorgeous!
i also love your cats!!!
And i really love that quote at the end there...imagine being happy without it...
you are fun and spirited. rock on.