Monday, August 16, 2010

Teacup Tuesday

Teacup Tuesday is hosted every week by Martha and Teri.
Be sure to visit to see all the teacups on parade!

If you've been visiting with me for any length of time, this may look familiar to you.
Mr. Dragon and I enjoy visiting The Path of Tea.
You pick the cup you'd like to drink your tea from and have a delicious goody, too.
My favorite is the Owl cup.
(Yes, I collect Owls and I'm thinking I collect too many things!)

The owner of The Path of Tea tells a story about a woman who would visit the shop almost everyday when she first opened and would ask if she could buy the Owl tea cup. The owner would tell her No, that she couldn't sell her cups or she would soon have no cups for her customers to drink from and the Owls were particularly difficult to come by.
The woman kept coming in, asking and making offers, until one day she came in and made an offer that the shop owner couldn't refuse!

Along came Christmas, and you can imagine my surprise when I opened the package and found this:

Mr. Dragon found an Owl teapot and tea cups that look exactly like the ones at

The teapot comes with a strainer.

Isn't the Owl cute?!

No wonder I think Mr. Dragon is my Knight in Shining Armor!
We both smile and chuckle when we have tea from this set.

Yes, we still visit The Path of Tea and we need to return soon.
They now have origami lessons once a week!

Wishing you well!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

That tea set is just adorable! Hooray for Mr. Dragon for hunting it down.

Wanda Lee said...

What a heartwarming true story and darling teapot;(I love great quality loose leaf tea as well)!.., What a generous lady!..,Charming owl tea set!

Thanks for sharing this with us!..,

~Oh do also come by with your dear little 'owls' and enjoy this week's delightful; 'Tuesday And Wednesday Teatime In Blogland'!..,

.., Please come and join us for our weekly blog tea parties; for my 44th, 'Tuesday Tea For Two', my 35th, 'Wednesday Tea For Me And Thee', as well as for my shared meme with my dear friend Pam for our 16th, 'Teapot And Tea Things Tuesday'; there are many new delights that await you this week!

..,We always love having you join us and we thank you very much for also joining us in the past!..,

*We;(Pam and I both, respectively);we both work full time as self-employed persons and we sincerely apologize when we are unable to get back to you as soon as we would prefer!..,Your blog posts are always so wonderful!

Have a marvelous week! ~ Hope to see you soon dear lady!

Cheers and hugs from wanda Lee

Crafty Christina said...

I love the Owl teapots!!!

Carol said...

How sweet of Mr. Dragon!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Snap, The little Owl set is gorgeous. Your hubby gets a big "A" for that one... I'll bet your tea tastes better in that little Owl cup... How Precious!!!!!

Have a great Tuesday.

Terri said...

What a lovely story! I think your owl set is magnificent, especially since they mean so much to you.
They are unique and adorable.
Thank you so much for sharing them with us today.

Barb said...

Whoooo did you say bought you the set????? (Sorry - couldn't resist!) I'd be smiling as I drank my tea from them.

Cezar and Léia said...

Owl teacup,what a lovely idea!
It's soooo CUTE!
Lucky friend, paws up for the beautiful and romantic idea of your husband!
purrs and love
We love Luna

Appleshoe said...

Hi Snap- These are wonderful! They are so lovely and such a sweet gift. I also like owls but have never seen and owl shaped teacup or pot before, very sweet thanks for posting them. Take care.

Brenda ~ Shabby Cats and Roses said...

Hi :) Isn't that just the cutest Tea set!! How adorable :)

Wishing you a Happy Tea Tuesday!!

Warmest Hugs to you and your sweet kitties, Brenda

A Hopeful Heart said...

What a wonderful man Mr. Dragon is to give a gift that is SO you. A very adorable and unusual addition to your owl collection.

They are really cute.

Happy Tea Tuesday to you,

xinex said...

What a great story! The teapot set is so unusual and so beautiful..Christine

Kiki said...

Oh My...fabulous..what an adorable sweet one..! So cute! Loved the post and story..yay! That was fun and thankyou for visiting me and leaving kind words!
Happy tea..enjoy your sweet owl!!

Msartist said...

Oh my gosh that owl tea pot is so cute! Lovely tea~ Happy Tea Tuesday!!
Hope you can drop by. Also there is still time to enter my giveaway!
Msartist Sew Crafty~ Theresa

dosfishes said...

So sweet that Mr. Dragon...I love owls too, and they sing to us every night here.....xox Corrine

parTea lady said...

Your owl tea set is adorable - great color and shape. Thanks for the link to The Path of Tea. It looks like a great tea room and I love that everything is organic. Wish there was such a place near me.

Krista said...

Hi Snap,
Thanks for joining my blog.
I am just getting to check out your blog and love this Teacup Tuesday. So sweet... I have inherited some tea cups and vintage greeting cards from my aunt.
The cups and cards change with the seasons and holidays.

Victorian1885 said...

Happy Tea Cup Tuesday! I love your tea set..thanks for visiting me today!


KathyB. said...

Now this is the most unique tea set I have ever seen! It is pretty cute, & your knight in shining armor is a wise owl~

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

I thought this story was going to end by you telling us it was Mr. Dragon who had wheedled the cup out of The Path of Tea Lady. This was even better though!

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi: That is the cutest set I have ever seen. It is just adorable. Thank you so much for sharing it. I am sorry for being so late this week. I am glad I got to see these little guys. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha