Monday, August 17, 2009

It's Amazing!

I just can’t get away from Julie and Julia! I was going through some old Cooking Light Magazines and found this article on Julie Powell from March 2004. I seem to be haunted by Julie, Julia and food! Did you know that Julia Child’s birthday was August 15? They are everywhere I go. Every book I touch!

I am reading The Best Thing I Ever Tasted: The Secret of Food by Sallie Tisdale. I think I mentioned a while back that I do (did) tours for a college literature class on food and feasting at the museum. This book by Tisdale is one of the books the instructor uses in his class and I thought I should read it. It is quite good and when I’m finished I’ll do a short review. It is worth a read. At any rate, I’m reading along and what do I find on page 128 -- JULIA!!! Here’s the quote:

“Martha Stewart, cooking on television with Julia Child, couldn’t stop correcting Julia’s work. She quietly picked, picked, picked away at this and that, and Julia Child, in her inimitable, breezy way, just let the criticism float by.”

“Julia Child, for all the years of complaints about her technique, has never failed to express her firm belief that good food is part of a well-lived life with rough edges and a few untidy corners. She is a woman of appetite and undenied pleasure. Martha Stewart’s vision of a well-lived life has no untidy corners; tidy corners may be her vision of heaven. Control, not comfort, is her joy. Julia Child once told a friend she didn’t think Martha Stewart would ever be happy.”

No wonder I never got hooked on Martha! Perhaps Julia was a closet Buddhist??!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder what might pop up this week about Julie or Julia. If something does, I’ll report next Monday!


Hurricane season started June 1. So far, it has been a very quiet year, but we are starting to watch the waves coming off of Africa as the hurricane business heats up. We’d like some rain, but please, no repeat of Ike. Guess that’s why I haven’t done a proper rain dance. I don’t want it to be misinterpreted by the powers that be.


I am thankful for another day on beautiful Mother Earth.

Joy to You!


Kim Mailhot said...

Hmmm, that some interesting Julia moments that the Universe keep cooking up for you ! Fun too ! I love the idea of Julia being a closet Buddhist but I wonder if she would have bothered staying closeted ? She seems more like a take me as I am type of chick !
Happy Monday, lovely Snap !

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Well, Julia had it right on about Martha! I like to flail the knives and have a great meal...not everything in it's perfect place such as Martha. She had panache & obviously showed while with Martha.
Here's hoping for a no show hurricane season..

Sarah said...

I enjoy Martha's knowledge..but not so much her style..I agree she is picky. I have love Julia though!! A delight for sure, grew up watching her make it all so simple and fun!! Wonderful post - Oh I love that stitch piece!! Hee hee - wonderful!!! Hugs, Sarah

Sharon said...

I love Julia. She is always so happy.
Ijust noticed your weathr pixie is showing rain and 84 degrees.Yikes, you better grab a bar of soap and step outside for a shower.LOL Sharon

Crafty Christina said...

I really need to go see this movie!

judiPatootie said...

I;m i South Louisiana..dont do a rain dance!! I hate hurricane season!!

I havent see the movie, but ordered the book .. I know i am mising out!!