Sunday, August 23, 2009

Horizontal Surfaces

How many horizontal surfaces in your home? Just count them. Tables (kitchen, dining room, library, coffee, end), the floor, beds, kitchen and bathroom counter tops, bookshelves. You get the idea. Now, how many of them collect things? More things than they should have. I really think you are getting the idea now!

Remember Hurricane Ike? We had to take everything off the walls downstairs, unload all the shelves, move furniture in order to repair our water soaked walls. Remember me telling you that we moved a lot of *stuff* into the guest bedroom. Well, some of that stuff is still on that bed and covered with plastic (we started to paint in that room -- got one wall finished and stopped, but the plastic is still there).

When Mr. Dragon was working I didn’t say much about where he dropped his *stuff* when he came in the door. I was just glad he was home and I understood how stressful his job was. I wasn’t going to pick on where stuff was dropped. I also knew what his office looked liked. Most of the time you couldn’t get in the door. His most important filing was done on the floor.

So, in walks retirement and WOW. I’m not a clean freak. I’m not particularly neat. But I’m learning fast! I do admit that I love that we LOVE living in our home and I guess it looks like it!

So, what about horizontal surfaces? Just this .... when you have folks over for a meal -- it is nice if you remove the fancy new putter from the dining room table.


We went to an Astros baseball game on Friday. They won. Then the roof at Minute Maid Stadium opened up for the Friday night fireworks display. Did I have my camera? NO! You can take my word for it -- the fireworks were beautiful.


You just knew I couldn't get away from Julie or Julia. Amazing isn't it? Maybe I'm channeling Julia or something! I was looking at the NYTimes and found an article that you can read here.
Here is a quote from the first part:

"Almost 48 years after it was first published, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” by Julia Child is finally topping the best-seller list, bringing with it all the butter, salt and goose fat that home chefs had largely abandoned in the age of Lipitor.

The book, given a huge lift from the recently released movie “Julie & Julia,” sold 22,000 copies in the most recent week tracked, according to Nielsen BookScan, which follows book sales. That is more copies than were sold in any full year since the book’s appearance, according to Alfred A. Knopf, which published it."


I’m posting this late Sunday evening for Monday morning. I’m off early on Monday for a session with my trainer. Yep. You read that right. I’m doing everything I can to put off the neurosurgeons knife as long as possible. My trainer is great. She knows me well and we are working on core strength and balance.


I'm thinking I might need a little of this before Monday is over!


I am thankful for another day on beautiful Mother Earth.

Joy to You!


Sheila said...

HA HA HA HA HA!!! on the pillow - sounds like a nighty night drink to me.

And LOVE the dog on the pool table pic! Wonder if he/she chases the balls to the pockets too? OMG - my honey would freak the felt was gonna get damaged.

Janet said...

This sounds like something I might write....the part about horizontal surfaces. HB and I are both "stackers"....I keep trying to un-stack things but another one always pops up somewhere else.

I love the pillow!! That would be some kind of drink!!!!

Sharon said...

I want that pillow!!!!! And the dog on the pool table, well I really had to look twice. You crack me up. Good for you getting a trainer. Sharon

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Ah yes, the horizontal my house they are no longer horizontal for all the debris and clutter - they resemble termite hills which are definitely vertical. It's not easy to clean up someone else's clutter though. i have a few favorite spots for my own stuff and they are vertical too! I'm saying that once September rolls around the whole house needs de-cluttering.

sherry ♥ lee said...

Hey!! Have you been peeking in my windows or something?!?!? lol!!! My gosh, 3 men in my house...2 of which are "slobs" (that's the boys!)...and they dump anything, anywhere...and my dining room table? That one is my "achilles heel"...honestly, since I was a teenager and I'd dump my school books on the dining room table in my mom's I am guilty as charged with that one. And just last night I made a vow to clean it thanks for the reminder!!!

Keep going with that trainer...anything you can do to avoid surgery is a plus as far as I'm concerned!!!

And I'll have one of those lattes too please (I'll need it to tackle that table!!! lol!!!).

Sarah said...

LMAO Snap..I am sending the mocha latte..maybe even the vodka..but the valium you will have to add - LOL!!
I can't wait to see Julia!!! Looks wonderful!!
The horizontal surfaces in my house are piled high. It is the end of the summer about to send the older kiddos all back to big school..I can hardly stand the mess. I am a bit anul about the clutter..I really hate it..I don't function well with "stuff" everywhere. But with eight kids in this house is pointless to make myself nuts! So more week of craziness before I do a shedding of papers, projects and stuff!!! Good luck with your room hon!
Thanks for popping by my blogs..I so love having you visit!!!
Hugs, Sarah

judiPatootie said...

made me LOL really OUT LOUD!! my ex son in law was a real neatnick, .. he said"I swear you all can fill a horizontal surface faster and higher than a lightening flash, NExt house I build will have only SLANTED surfaces, and a concrete floor and a hole in teh middle and I will just hose off your messes every day"'

I'm NOT a Stacker, my daughter is..if desihned forme, a home would have insets for "stuff" the only horizontal surface needed wwould be beds and dining table, small kitchen counter, art table and the floors

Betsy from Tennessee said...

HA HA Snap.... I need some more horizontal space ---for MORE junk. All of mine is FULL... ha ha

Didn't you know that retirement is when you are busier than ever?????? AND--in retirement, things that mattered years ago (like a neat, clean house) don't matter anymore.

Good Luck with your trainer... What kind of surgery are you going to have to have sometime???

Barb said...

The pillow is great! You probably needed one of those horizontal surfaces when you got home!

Cyrille said...

Is that dog on the pool table real? It sure looked like one finely sculpted figurine to me(maybe its just my eyes or I'm just too out of it after replenishing my meds at and using half my monthly budget for them). Funny how we notice only notice these amusing things about our lives after we have shut the rest of the world out and put it behind us.

Rosa said...

(tehe, I have that pillow in paper napkins by the coffee ma-gene!)

JamaGenie said...

Love the pillow! The dog on the pool table isn't real (meaning alive), is it??