Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Birthday

Two year old twins/litter mates, Rocky and Riley, are celebrating their second birthday today with extra treats provided by their well trained staff.

Rocky (AKA Rocket, AKA Little Dumpling Boy) came to live at Twisty Lane first. His sister, Riley, was already promised to another client of our vet. The kittens were caught along with their mother and taken to our vet to be spayed and neutered. The kittens were left with the hope that someone would adopt the feral kittens. Their mom was taken back to the neighborhood were they were found and released -- never to have kittens again.

When the Little Dumpling Boy was a kitten he used to sleep in my lap on his back with his full little kitten belly face up just begging to be rubbed. He lived with us for six weeks before his sister arrived on the scene.


Our vet's office called one day and asked if we could take Rocky's sister. Things hadn't worked out with the elderly lady she had been promised to. Riley hid in the air ducts and wouldn't come out. I said "sure, we would take her, but I couldn't pick her up until the weekend." The tech said, "That's ok. I'll deliver her to you." That should have been our first hint what a little Imp-ress she would become. She hid under the buffet for 48 hours before Rocky lured her out to play.

Both kittens (they'll always be kittens no matter how old they are) are still a little wild. They would prefer not to be picked up, although they both seem to enjoy being petted and cooed over when they are in our arms.

We hope you'll celebrate with us by posting on your blog a little something about the critters you share your life with and wish Rocky and Riley a Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Rocky and Riley from Snap and Dick -- your well trained staff.


Leah said...

aw, your kitties are so cute!! happy belated birthday to them! 3 out of my four cats don't really like being picked up, but they love to sit on me when I'm sitting or laying down. they're total snuggle-bugs, though, so i don't mind that i can't carry them around with me. :-)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Snap, Thanks for sharing your 'critters' with us. That name Theadorable is just precious. I've never heard it before....What a gorgeous cat.