Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dick's Homework

I've had several people ask how Dick's drawing class is going and would I please post some of his artwork. Your wish, etc! I picked his last two homework assignments.

The shirt was homework due last Monday. In class they studied and sketched the 9 values from white to black and the assignment was to draw a white shirt with all of the values. I think he did a great job.

I think this charcoal piece is really cool. It was fun to watch it being "born". It is his homework assignment due tomorrow. After one class in charcoal he said he really didn't like it and must have gotten into a lot of trouble with his mother when he was a kid and was having flashbacks about getting dirty. Working with charcoal is a real mess and he didn't enjoy it much. He had to cover the page with charcoal (accomplished outside with extra charcoal washed into the grass) and then work the charcoal off with a special eraser (it gets kneaded and wadded up like clay). The wash room was covered with drop cloth to catch any stray charcoal and Dick did his Johnny Cash impression dressing all in black. Tomorrow the class is working with ink and Johnny Cash will be attending class again.

Someone should have told us we should have stock in Texas Art Supply. Amazing how many erasers he went through for this charcoal project!

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