Friday, May 5, 2017

Tra La! It's May!

Tra la, it's May, the lusty Month of May
That lovely month when everyone goes blissfully astray.
Tra la, it's here, that shocking time of year
When tons of wicked little thoughts merrily appear!
(Lyrics from Lerner and Loewe's Camelot)

Where I live, the arrival of May means summer is here.

Six months of summer and six months of not summer.
Although the "not" summer seems to be getting shorter.


Did you know the month of May is named for the Roman goddess Maia,
who oversaw the growth of plants?
Also from the Latin word maiores, "elders," who were celebrated during this month.


Amaryllis is blooming in Musashi's garden.



My 50th high school reunion is this year.

Here I am --

High School

If I remember correctly, the senior pix were taken the end of the junior year.
Thus the short hair (look at all that teased hair).
Yes, I have my eyes closed  -- the sun is bright in New Mexico.


It's no secret that I enjoy shopping (especially window shopping) at Sur La Table.
This is what I found in their latest email.

From Sur La Table

Too cute!


I decided I needed to clean out my yarn closet.
I would open the door and wonder what would fall out next!

My habit when I'm working on a project,
knit, crochet, counted cross stitch -- whatever --
is to put all the supplies in a tote bag with the project.
A girl can never have too many tote bags.
So in goes the pattern, yarn, needles, hooks -- everything to get the project done.
And when I finish, I tend to leave everything in the tote bag.
So, cleaning out the yarn closet meant I went through all the tote bags to see what was there ... mostly patterns and hooks/needles.

One of the totes had two balls of a washable acrylic, nylon yarn in a wonderful teal with dark  blue specks, a circular needle and several scarf patterns.
I like to use a circular needle on small projects.
 One of my all time favorite stash busting patterns from Knit Picks was included.
I must have decided to try to get a scarf from the two small balls of yarn.
Well, it worked!
Here's the finished product.

Knit Scarf

I cut the pattern (Diagonal Garter Stitch Scarf) from the Knit Picks catalog 
(back when they sent catalogs by mail).
It's very simple -- Cast on 22 stitches (or your choice).
RS: Knit into front and back of first st, knit across to last 2 sts, K2tog.
WS: Knit
Repeat these two rows until scarf is desired length and bind off loosely.



Wishing YOU well and much joy!

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Mac n' Janet said...

Great five, love your senior picture. I love colorful dinnerware and own way too much, I mean, there's just the 2 of us here, plus the cat and she doesn't care.

Tom said...

...well it's May here, rainy and wet, Amaryllis sure don't bloom in gardens here, my 50th was a while back,but that hairdo looks the '60s, shopping ain't my thing, my yarn closet is empty...happy day to you.

Adam said...

I was wondering about your eyes, thought you were sad in that picture for a min

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I like your 1967 hair's curly upturn -- just like MIDGE! Remember her? Barbie's best friend! I had a Midge doll with that kicky hairdo. She had freckles too, if I remember correctly.

Sharon Koole said...

Sounds like a lot of fun sorting through your yarn closet! I admit that since learning to knit at the end of last year I have collected excess yarn. I also do other crafts. One of my goals this year was to get through some of those cross stitch projects I have kitted up.

Happy Five on Friday!

riitta k said...

Your youth pictures are so pretty. It is fun to see the hair styles, clothes etc. in the old photos. beautiful amaryllis - wishing you a lovely weekend.

bettyl-NZ said...

I really never thought about where the mouth's names came from except, of course, July and August. What a lovely bloom! My flowers are so out of whack, trying to bloom again before winter arrives!
I have a 50th reunion coming up on a couple of years, too!! My how time flies.

Ida said...

What a pretty Amaryllis. - How fun to see your High School Senior Pictures. I never had them taken (we couldn't afford it) Those were some fun dishes you found.

Corrine at said...

Yes, the teased hair, uh, I refused, but always had the brilliant idea to do my hair differently from how I usually wore it, duh!!! Sweet flowers and chicken tureen....lovely. Stay cool. xox

Rose said...

That amaryllis is beautiful, and loved reading your random things. That is a cute scarf.

Wandering Wren said...

I bet your 50 year High School reunion was like me realising it was 50 years since I lived in Singapore, where do all those years go? They are gorgeous pictures of you and mega congrats on being able to find the photos, unless of course they were at the back of your yarn cupboard - haha?!
Have a great week
Wren x

Seville at Nerissa's Life said...

So you have multi knittin' projects on the go, too, huh? Yeah, Peep #1 does that. Last night, she FINALLY did the finishin' touches on two teddies, getting 'em ready to send off in the mail as a gift. Then she sewed together the two halves of a tea cozy, but it still needs a little knitted flower for the top. The green sweater still needs one of it sleeves, and the doll outfit is only half done and... And... Oh yeah! Then she has to star knittin' some hats and mittens.


Lorrie said...

I'm so impressed that amaryllis grows in your garden! It's a beautiful bloom. Love seeing the high school photo - time does fly by.

Lorrie said...

Oh, and I meant to comment on the dishes, too - such a fun and cheery pattern. They would make a breakfast table come awake!

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Great high school photo - you are a couple years behind me. Love the poetry and the flower - what a beauty. And the dishes - oh my oh my - I MUST go and have a look - those are wonderful . Love love love chicken dishes!!!! Enjoy your wek ahead.

Anonymous said...

Those high school hairdos look very familiar. My 50th will be in 2018. Did we ever think we'd be this old? I really enjoy shopping at sur la table. May is a beautiful month of the year. Glad to enjoy it with you. Blessings.

Maggie said...

Love the amaryllis, stunning colours, well done for getting the scarf finished I wonder did you ever get the rest of the yarn sorted?
Enjoy your reunion, tell us all about it soon won't you!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I'm closing in on my 60th reunion, so don't feel old in front of me, kiddo )). Lovely amaryllis still surprises me to see 'house plants' thriving in Florida too.

Helen B said...

Hoping you got all your yarn sorted, I too end up with many bags with various projects in, rather adore that china.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Those are some great pictures, especially your senior year pictures.

Terri @ Coloring Outside the Lines said...

It's May for sure here- the severe storm season that I struggle through every year wishing I had a storm cellar or safe room, or home in the ground to crawl into! Love the rich blue in the scarf- that is really pretty!

Have a wonderful weekend!
(PS- Love the SR pics- I don't know what I did with mine, I'll have to go dig them out.)