Friday, April 21, 2017

Exercise Your Mind Not Just Your Abs

I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend.
I had a quiet one.
Did some digging in the garden which is always good.


I put my crochet hook and my knitting needles aside giving my hands a rest.
I haven't been to Michaels yet to get the yarn.
It's on the "to do" list.


The Fortune Cookie Journal suggested I exercise my mind not just my abs 
(which I did in the garden)
and I guess I did that by completing some reading.


My 88 year-old godmother loves to read.
She really enjoys the China Bayles mystery series by Susan Wittig Albert.
The new one - THE LAST CHANCE OLIVE RANCH is out. 
Number 25 in the series!
It's a good thing that my godmother doesn't mind if I read it first!
It's on it's way to her house for Mother's Day. 
One of the reasons I enjoy this series so much is the business China owns--
an herb shop.
In this book -- olives take center stage along with murder.
All the favorite characters are back and in fine form.


The second book I want to share with you is
MY CITY HIGHRISE GARDEN by Susan Brownmiller.

Most people know Susan Brownmiller as feminist and journalist. She is probably best known for her 1975 book, AGAINST OUR WILL: MEN, WOMEN AND RAPE. Now 80 years old, Brownmiller takes us on a delightful tour of her 20th floor high-rise garden, something she has been tending with care for 35 years. 
 Small space gardening is not easy (I know), but on the 20th floor of a high-rise is definitely an unnatural environment with high winds and bad weather, along with the occasional maintenance of the building. She talks about the garden with humor and honesty. I got lots of ideas for my balcony (on the second floor) and my postage stamp backyard. I even ordered day-lilies from the company that she uses. If you love gardens, this a short (154 pages), sweet description of an oasis in the city with all its trials, tribulations and successes. I'm going to keep my copy for future reference!


by Phaedra Patrick.

Charming and delightful, Arthur Pepper is nearing the one year
anniversary of his wife's death. It's time to clean out the closet and get rid of her things. While separating clothes and shoes, he finds a charm bracelet in a pair of boots. He doesn't remember ever seeing the bracelet before.
This bracelet and it's charms take Arthur on an adventure of healing and self-discovery. 

Three different books and all good.
Although if you are interested in the Mystery,
you should start with book number one -- not number twenty five!


I went out to feed the fish and look what I found in the pond!
A whole lot of "something" going on. Ha!
This must mean that spring is definitely here.

Spring In The Pond


This week instead of lunch it was breakfast with a friend.
Spinach Quiche at Croissant Brioche -- French Bakery and Cafe.
Authentic French breads baked fresh daily.

Croissant Brioche

Wishing YOU well and much joy!

Five on Friday

Willy Nilly Friday

Mosaic Monday


Tom said...

...with us passing day, fewer people are exercising their minds.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Those books all sound good. Susan Brownmiller is 80 years old? Oh my.

Gayle - venturesinphotos said...

A good collection of randoms. I'm glad I stopped by. I love Susan Wittig Albert but haven't read any of hers in a long time. Off I go to Amazon.

Maggid said...

Quiche . . . yum!!!
Thank you for the book recommends -
made a list - (now, i wonder where I'll find a slice of Spinach Quiche . . hmm, the quest begins.)

Happy Weekend!

Mac n' Janet said...

The quiche looks so good! I have a couple of your books on my TBR list. Have a good weekend.

Daphne Bryson said...

Good Afternoon Snap, I love your choice of books and I have to hold my hands up when I say I have never heard of Susan Brownmiller. I do feel I need to remedy this situation. Gardening in a small garden takes patience, but to garden on the 20th floor of a high-rise is definitely going to test one's patience... but how wonderful that you are able to take advice from someone who is a seasoned gardener.
I am going to look for The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper, because before I read your synopsis I loved the title of the book.
Have a lovely weekend.
Best Wishes to you.

Dorothy Borders said...

Glad to hear about the new China Bayles. I'm a fan of that series, too.

The History Anorak said...

I like the sound of Arthur Pepper - might have to track that down!

HooksandNeedles said...

Hi Snap, Thank you for visiting my blog. All the best with your KAL, I started one but not sure when it'll be finished. Everyone else has long since finished theirs. It was a beaded, picot edge shawl with a knitting shop that runs a group. It just feels like you're forever stopping to do complicated maneuvers with needles and beads.
The crochet blanket CAL of attic 24 has also finished but at least I'm enjoying working on that one.
Enjoy the weekend, enjoyed your post. Cathy x

organicgardendreams said...

Hi Snap, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!
I also have exercised my abs in the garden this week, but reading has fallen off the wagon a little bit. Your post has inspired me to dig out the books that I have been reading, but not finished and continue to do so. One that I find very fascinating is a biography about Coco Chanel, the famous french fashion designer. She certainly had an interesting life.
Happy weekend!

Latane Barton said...

at this age I sure am getting a lot more mind exercise than physical. I like it that way. (grin)

riitta k said...

Reading is a fantastic way to keep the brain sharp!

Lisa Comperry said...

I will keep it in mind to read those titles, especially the book about high rise gardening..I had a quiet Easter as well..I love frogs who make it known they are alive and well, lol... The sounds of hundreds of frogs on a summer night are balm to my soul, one of my favorite sounds!

A Colorful World said...

Such interesting books! Kudos to your 88-year old grandmother who is still reading! That's wonderful!

Mary Cromer said...

Oh My I am beginning to get very hungry. With your Yummy looking Spinach Quiche and I just saw a wonderful looking Fritatta on another blog little breakfast is fading quickly. Have a great weekend~

Anonymous said...

All the books sound good, will have to check them out. Been reading Alaska mysteries lately one in the works and one on the night table. Gardening is taking care of the abs, reading is the put me to sleep portion of my day... xox

Tricky Wolf said...

great photos, I like the look of the little amphibian friend you have found :)

Maggie said...

Books, gardening and quiche, life's grand ain't it!
Happy Mosaic Monday.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

That quiche looks incredible! I'm hungry for one now! And I have read a lot of books by Susan Wittig Albert but not this series! I'm happy to know there's one to look forward to...I love mysteries! Hugs, Diane

Sarah said...

Thanks for the book recommendations and for the tasty quiche. ;-)
I just picked up Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper from the library. It's waiting for me to sit down and dive in.

podso said...

The quiche looks good and so do the books, especially the last one. You are right about mind exercise and I need to do more!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Amazed to learn that Susan Brownmiller is 80 (I don't know why, guess I thought she was going to stand still while I aged) and kind of surprised, but pleased, to know she wrote this book. (I am a bit younger than she is and have happily given up gardening ... I just like to enjoy other people's work.) I used to read China Bayles series, but lost track of it somewhere along the way -- I'll check the library and see if I can figure out where I left off -- I enjoyed her. I liked Arthur Pepper, it is always great to find a book where the characters are decades younger than I am. And it was a good story.

Fun reviews -- I'm afraid I exercise my mind (such as it is) more regularly than I do my body.

Anonymous said...

Hello Snap, how nice to work your abs and mind! Looks like you found some enjoyable reading. Delicious looking quiche. Hope you have a very good week ahead.

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Very interesting books - and a delightful breakfast. Happy week ahead.

Cranberry Morning said...

Thank you for the book suggestions. They do sound interesting. And the quiche looks good. What a cute place mat - or tablecloth. Hope you have a lovely week.

Lorrie said...

I'm always on the lookout for good books. The last recommendation is one that particularly appeals. Yes, there is a lot of spring action going on in our neighbourhood, too. Bees and birds twittering and buzzing throughout the day! Breakfast out with a friend is a great way to begin the day.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Thanks for the book recommendations, my that quiche looks heavenly!

Sylvia said...

Snap, thanks for sharing the books. I will check out THE CURIOUS CHARMS OF ARTHUR PEPPER on my next library trip. I am intrigued and I love a good book. Sylvia D.

Amy at love made my home said...

What great reads! Glad you enjoyed them.