Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Participating is Fun Part 2:

The lovely Stephanie from The Enchanting Rose 
hosted her Ninth annual teacup and mug exchange.
There were 192 tea lovers participating from all over the world.
What a lot of work and
What a lot of Love Stephanie puts into this exchange.

I decided to go all out and take part in both exchanges.

I was lucky that Jill Torres, also a "first timer", sent me a mug.
Hard to believe all of this was in one box!
Everything was so beautifully wrapped.
A lot of effort went into the paper decorations.
Almost too pretty to open! 

Tea Mug Exchange

Jill even included mice and cat nip for my kitties.
So very thoughtful.

I began to unwrap all the goodies.
It quickly became apparent that this was going to be a magical,
fun tea!

Jill is from Florida and she enclosed some Florida goodies.

Mug Exchange

A wonderful Florida souvenir spoon with a pelican.
(The pelican just happens to be one of my favorite water birds.)
Postcards with recipes.
Florida wouldn't be complete without a mention of Ernest Hemingway --
with Highland Select Tea --
"Infused with the author's spirit and passion for life."

Wonderland Tea

More magic with Alice In Wonderland!
Fun mug -- drink me!
Wonderland Tea - The Official Unbirthday Tea called
Topsy Turvy Tea Blend. 
I'm going to fall head over heels for this tea.
Black tea with a delicious citrus and fruity flavor.

And a wonderful book filled with Wonderland ephemera.
It's been so much fun going through it all and I find things
I think I didn't see before.

Wonderland Tea

The precious little bird frame was another little surprise.

Wonderland Tea Mosaic

Wonderland Tea

I got out my Alice In Wonderland Tea for One Teapot.
I'm all set now to have a cup of tea and open the Ginger Nuts.

Last, but not least, Jill included these beautiful white on white hand made cards.

Paper Card Art

They are so gorgeous.
I think I'm going to keep them and frame them.

What fun this has been!

I'd like to thank Stephanie again
and special thanks to the talented Jill Torres for sending such a magical tea.

Wishing YOU well and much joy!

The Enchanting Rose


Skyeler said...

The cup is so cute! And how thoughtful to include something for your kitties. It was all so beautifully wrapped as well!

Creations By Cindy said...

Love all of your great treasures! Love the Mad Hatter theme. Last year our ladies at church done a Mad Hatter Theme event and it was all so cute. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Stephanie said...

Oh my, I think this might be one of my most favorite mug packages! The mug is darling and one-of-a-kind! I love it! :)

I also love the fact that Jill included gifts for your cats. How sweet and thoughtful.

Jill did an amazing job and it's a joy to see how richly blessed you were. Enjoy, dear one!


Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Wow what an amazing package! Love the colorful whimsical mug. Her white cards are works of art! Love Stephanie's exchanges.

Celestina Marie said...

Oh what a wonderful mug package of goodies you received. The mug is beautiful and I love the theme and the goodies in the Floridian style. The spoon is a treasure.
Love the white cards. Simply gorgeous.
What a blessing to receive and enjoy. Have fun visiting the reveal participants. Thank you for stopping by to visit me and your kind comment.
Blessings xo

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Another parcel full of love and fun! I think it is heart warming that your kitties were included in the gifting.

Ang Smith said...

Another fun package for you! How great!! :)

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Oh my Snap, you were truly blessed by Jill with such a fabulous array of gifts. Isn't this such fun?

Cheryl said...

Oh, what a lovely box of goodies you received! This is truly just SO much fun! Dear Stephanie does an amazing job of bringing all of us ladies together in the sweetest of ways. So thankful you had a wonderful experience, and I can't thank you enough for your kind comment left at my blog. :)

Deborah Will said...

What a fun package, and how nice to remember your kitties too.

Lady Linda said...

WOW! I do love your goodies. Such fun and different sweet teatime goodies. Your teapot is fantastic too.

Debbie Harris said...

What an adorable package and your kitties were included, so sweet.


ann said...

Such pretty things in your tea cup exchange. I adore the whimsy of Alice. You will enjoy your gifts all year. Isn't it fun to receive such pretty things in the mail and making new friends along the way.

September Violets said...

That is one amazing mug! I love it :) The book looks beautiful as well, and I wonder if this was a set (the mug & book together). You have a very cute Alice teapot too! How special.


Kim said...

What a fun mug. It goes perfectly with your adorable Alice in Wonderland teapot. A match made in Heaven I would say. =) I feel there will be a li'l bit of magic happening as you drink from your pretty mug!

Doniene said...

What a fun, fun, fun box of goodies for you! The whole post made me smile!!

Culinary Envy said...

Loved your surprises! Wasn't that the best exchange! Can't wait until the Spring!

Dawn said...

It's amazing how many goodies can fit into one parcel, isn't it? I love the look of your Alice teapot too!

Best wishes


Margie said...

How fun to receive unique souvenirs from Florida. I'm a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland so I'm loving your Disney-themed mug and tea!

Vee said...

What a fun package to receive! Just adorable with one delight after the next.

Debbie said...

Wow...what a truly beautiful package of gifts. I love Alice In Wonderland...what a lovely treat. xx

Angela said...

It was sweet of her to include something for the cats! Very useful gifts and pretty too. Everything was picked with care and packed with love.

Steph said...

So fun! Glad that you participated!

When I was recently in Japan, I learned that everything comes beautifully wrapped! It's not my strong suit, but I hope to get better. I also really appreciate their return to wrapping in furoshiki, reusable cloth.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

What a wonderful exchange! Your gifters were very creative and sent beautiful goodies, Snap!