Saturday, July 19, 2014

Rounding The Bend!

The ICAD (Index Card A Day) challenge is rounding the bend!
Hard to believe the month of July is half over.
Here are the cards from the last week.

ICAD #43 for July 13, 2014: Melody.
 In honor of the birth of Melody to Simi (one of the ICAD participants).

Kokeshi Doll
ICAD #44 for July 14, 2014: Kokeshi Doll from one of Tammy's prompts. 
This was fun. 
Another of the very thin cards so I built it up with lots of pieces of various papers. 
Acrylic paint, stamping. 
Her kimono is a scrap of napkin. 
Prismacolor markers.

ICAD #45 for July 15, 2014: Bloom.
I was in the mood to "smush" paint around!
4x6 index card with lots of bits of torn paper.
Then acrylic paint.
The flowers were cut from several 3x5 index cards (very flimsy ones) that color had been applied to.
Added the stamped word.
Prismacolor markers.
I'm sure I forgot something!
Oh, and the kitchen sink!

ICAD #46 for July 16, 2014: Vase
Watercolor pencils
The Vase is a piece of scrap tissue paper.

ICAD #47 for July 17, 2014: Dala
As I get close to the end of the ICAD challenge,
I find myself using Tammy's prompts more and more.
This was one of them.
A fun opportunity to not only draw a Dala horse,
but to learn more about them, too.
Mostly prismacolor markers.
Micron pen.

Tea for One
ICAD#48 for July 18, 2014: Tea for One. 
This is one of my favorite tea for one sets. 
It never fails to make me smile. 
The little bird is a teapot and nests on the pink cup. 
Watercolors (on one of the flimsy cards -- yuk.) 
Micron pen. With a real tea tag (Stash white peach oolong).

ICAD #49 for July 19, 2014: Friends. 
Early in the ICAD Challenge I smushed some paint between two cards. 
On one card I sketched a chicken and the other I stamped a bird. 
Quick and easy. 
I thought I'd try it again. 
Smushed acrylic paint, some rubber stamping, quick sketch of an elephant (probably an Asian elephant since he has small ears). 
He has a very small feathered friend.

Wishing YOU well and much joy.

Be sure to check out the ICAD Challenge at Daisy Yellow.
You can join anytime!


Lynne said...

I am so inspired by you and your ICAD creating . . .
I purchased my index cards, brought out my child like water colors, markers, chalk . . . and pen and ink too and made three cards . . . I will do more but I need to create a space where my "things" are out all the time. Once I tucked them away . . . no more creating . . .

Like I said . . . you have inspired me.

I think I have found my creating corner things set up around me all the time SPACE . . . to begin my
ONE A DAY . . . just have to add a nice bright light!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I like the napkin kimono -- very clever!

jinxxxygirl said...

These are great Snap! Looks like you had alot of fun! Hugs! deb

Tina Fariss Barbour said...

I always enjoy your creativity and whimsy. :-)

Sharon Chapman said...

What a fun project. I like them all especially the "smushed" ones!

Beth of "E." Lizard Breath Speaks said...

i love your art. it makes me smile. i love the #2 ... she is too precious. i keep wanting my creative side to come out again. not sure if i have ever told you ... but i think a lot of artistic side walked away a while back. not sure how to get her out again. she shied (i really thought it was spelled shyed, any who??! google says otherwise.) away. miss her. i keep up with my photography but i miss other outlets. i need to work on that. ( ;