Saturday, July 5, 2014

One Month Down

and one more month to go in the

Here are the cards from the last week.

ICAD # 29 for June 29, 2014. 
Something different this morning. 
I've been making a lot of pesto this year and thought I'd share the recipe with you. 
Pix from a seed pack and a rubber stamp. 
(You can use any nut that you like if you don't have the pine nuts ... like walnuts ... just be 
sure you aren't serving your pesto to someone who has "that" nut allergy.)
I like garlic with my basil!

ICAD #30 for June 30, 2014: Nap. 
A quick watercolor sketch of Mina napping. 
(I did this on a 4x6 index card I bought for last year ... horrible -- so light weight you can almost see through! No wonder I used so much book paper last year!) 

ICAD # 31 for July 1, 2014
Another flimsy card so I torn a book page and placed it on first.
Gesso, then stenciled the stars.
Sharpie markers and an image from the Graphics Fairy.

Each End Up
ICAD # 32 for July 2, 2014: Each End Up. 
This is one of those cards that I just kept adding layers to not liking any of it until the end. There's book paper, acrylic wash, fluid acrylic (blue), rubber stamps (red), stencils (arrows), more acrylic paint, and the stars are cut from another Index Card that I had yellow and orange acrylic smushed on. Each End Up -- no right or wrong end up!

4th of July
ICAD # 33 for July 3, 2014: 4th of July. 
One more holiday card. 
This is the last one as I've used up all the images I found at the Graphics Fairy! 
Acrylic paint, Stars are cut from another index card, fluid acrylics.

Carte Postale
ICAD # 34 for July 4, 2014.
 I wasn't going to do another 4th of July postcard, but I had already finished the image transfer. 
Liberty Bell stamp, rubber stamp, cut stars from another index card, fluid acrylic.

Nature Study
ICAD # 35 for July 5, 2014: Nature Study.
I love nature studies and I spent the day yesterday with a stack of napkins cutting out birds, butterflies, "nature stuff". 
Rubber stamp, fluid acrylics, torn ledger paper scrap, napkin images.

Wishing YOU well and much joy.

You can start anytime.
It's fun!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

My fave is ICAD #30! Did you buy those lightweight index cards at a dollar store? I often find that their merchandise is not worth even that cheap price!

Vee said...

Love today's an the patriotic run up to the 4th and the kitty nap...well, I like them all.

Pondside said...

I love them all, but images with birds are my favourites.

Barb said...

You've been busy creating, Snap. I love basil and pesto - thanks for the recipe.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

I like them all too Snap but my favourite is the last of the bird and nest.

Fran Traina said...

your cards look great!! love the bird:)