Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blog Love

First, let me say that I love awards. But they embarrass me.
I enjoy blogging. It brings me pleasure. I've met so many wonderful folks and made some very good friends through the blogging world. Friends who have been very loving and supportive throughout our recent adventure with the Big C.

Debra at She Who Seeks sent me The Versatile Blogger Award awhile ago.
I did thank her when I received it, but didn't post. I had to think about it!
I love the idea that my blog isn't just about one thing. That I do try to post on different things -- books I've read, things I've crocheted or knitted, photos I've taken, spots in the Houston area that we really enjoy, some of our real life ... the cancer ... our enjoyment of the zoo ... our furbabies, THE grandson.

I'm supposed to list a bunch of things about me that you don't know ... it was hard coming up with a list ... I've shared just about all the interesting stuff!

My favorite movie may be Enchanted April. It has no blood and gore, no swearing (that I remember). It has beautiful scenery, nice music, a fun story about 4 women who rent a villa in Tuscany for one month after the Great War. It's about change, friendship. For me, it is a magical movie. I loved the last scene when the older woman drives her cane into the ground and then, as the seasons change, we see the cane sprout into a tree. YeeHaw!

My favorite musical score for a movie has to be The Last of The Mohicans. It brings tears to my eyes.

I don't care much for dark chocolate. Of course, that's the chocolate that's good for you. When I was growing up my Granny gave my Mother a box of chocolate covered cherries every year at Christmas. I looked forward to the gift almost as much as my Mother. When Granny died, my Daddy took over making sure there was a box of chocolate covered cherries under the tree. And when he died, I made sure Mother had her box of cherries. Both of my parents have been gone many, many years and last year I felt the call of chocolate covered cherries once again. Good thing CVS is just across the street!

That's all I could come up with that was, perhaps, new and different!

The hardest part about awards is the passing them on part. I'm not good at that. I don't want to hurt anyone's feeling by not picking them. In fact, I think all of you should share this award. There are many of you who don't receive awards and I understand that. So, here are a few of my favorite blogs that I think are worth a visit from you and should have the versatile blogger award. Please take some time to visit them and say Hello.

Jinksy at Napple Notes

Noni at Peacock Blue


For a little more Blog Love, have you visited with the Country Girl? If you haven't, you a missing a good time. She had a meme on her blog this last Friday. Here it is for you to do or pass on ....

"And now, folks, because it’s Friday night and because inquiring minds need to know, here’s a few questions for you:

1. When is your usual bedtime?

2. In the past month, what was your biggest OOPS?

3. How many relatives do you have named “Bob”.

4. Tea, or coffee, or juice in the morning?

5. Right now, I hear __________________ ."

Here's what I said:

1. When is your usual bedtime? We wonder up the stairs about 9.Get settled in by 9:30 (have a new kitten), a little weather on the news and perhaps some Tonight Show. Sleep by 11.

2. In the past month, what was your biggest OOPS? Amazing! I don't think I had one ... does that mean in July I'll have a real whopper?

3. How many relatives do you have named “Bob”. One ... brother-in-law

4. Tea, or coffee, or juice in the morning? Tea, juice or just milk.

5. Right now, I hear the shower running.

Happy Blog Love Everyone! Here's to All Of You!


Maria-Thérèse said...

You get embarrassed?! You sound positively Swedish! So modest.

1. When is your usual bedtime?
around 2 a.m.

2. In the past month, what was your biggest OOPS?
Hmm... Like a mistake? Hmm... More of an accident - I stood on a chair trying to get something from the top of my bookcase, balancing, and I fell straight backwards - onto my bed!! The night before I had thought "hmm, maybe I should move the bed against the wall instead of having it in the middle of the floor". The bed stays.

3. How many relatives do you have named “Bob”.

4. Tea, or coffee, or juice in the morning?
COFFEE or I am not alive.

5. Right now, I hear _______my sister singing, my mum talking."

Sarah said...

Awww Snap you made my week...I really needed it..but you knew that huh...great big smooshy hugs! Thank you hon:)
I will do this one later today...oh I love these..:)
I adore Last of the Mohican's..the soundtrack is one of my very favorites.soul stirring!! I have not seen Enchanted April..but will!!
Let's see.. My bedtime somewhere between 8:30 and 9:00..I have to read a bit.
#2. Biggest oops...I gave my ex inlaws a pic of Hanna with my studio name on it..don't need them here...duh.
3. I have one Uncle.
4. Java java java...
5. I hear bitsy birds cheeping, the wind chimes our front, the announcers for the Ironman down at the lake and the soccer game on tv.

Hugs and love hon, Sarah

Janet said...

You and I must feel the same about movies! I like that movie, too and for just the same reasons. And chocolate covered cherries were my mom's favorite.

My usual bedtime is somewhere between 12:30 and 1:00 AM. My biggest OOPS so far was the water spill on my art table. I had one uncle named Bob (and an ex-husband!)I have ice water in the morning and right now I hear birds singing outside.

Crafty Christina said...

Congrats on the award!

1. It's supposed to be 9pm, but is more like 11pm each night.

2. Spilling coffee on a brand new shirt.

3. No Bobs!

4. Coffee! If I don't have coffee, it's not safe to speak to me.

5. Right now, I hear Sheryl Crow's "My Favorite Mistake."

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I love chocolate covered cherries too! Wish I had a box right now.