Thursday, January 21, 2010

Postcard Friendship Friday/Naughty Puss

Our wonderful postmistress, Marie, is the hostess for Postcard Friendship Friday.

Marie posted a wonderful postcard of a little girl with a pig.
(Pigs fly!)

I didn't have a postcard with a pig but I did have one of a little girl and a cat.
(I'm a big fan of cats, as you know.)

Naughty Puss!

This postcard is from The Cat Postcard Book: A celebration of cats with
30 full color portraits to mail, share, and cherish.

The back of the card reads:
The Cat Postcard Book, copyright 1987 by Running Press Book Publishers

Naughty Puss!, 19th century (American).
Advertising trade card for Jayne's Tonic Vermifuge,
a cough remedy.
Northampton Historical Society, Northampton, Massachusetts.

Looks to me like it should be an ad for something like Bactine!


Christine H. said...

What a gorgeous card...every little detail, the wallpaper, the rug, the girl's dress! I can relate to the arms scratches too, although they get my legs just as often.

Postcardy said...

I collect trade cards with cats. You're right, that girl looks more like she has a cat scratch than a cough.

Bob of Holland said...

Fascinating. The girl does not look afraid or sad, just mad as hell. In the follow-up card you'll see a cat fly.

Marie Reed said...

Your hilarious! Bactine is right! The colors are so sumptuous.. The illustration has such wonderful depth.. you can almost touch it! I love cats too:) I have a little black ''Bonsai and an orange 'Cresson' here at home!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

That is an odd card! It was only when you said, "bactine" that I really looked at the detail. I think that naughty puss is going to topple the vase next!

Kim Mailhot said...

I know those naughty puss types ! My 6 month old Cosmo caught my hand like this not so long ago. Didn't know I needed "Jayne's Tonic Vermifuge" for the scratch though! ;)
Have a cozy weekend, Snap !

dosfishes said...

Love those vintage cards, and you are
so right bactine, neosporin, can't get the cough reference at all.
Unless the remedy is so strong it takes care of cuts too!

Tiger kitties are the best, and oh tuxedo cats too!


maryt/theteach said...

Poor little girl! Love the vintage look, Snap! Great post... Happy PFF!

Sheila said...

Ouch! And the dress isn't going to look so good soon either. :) Lovely card.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Cute picture, Snap.... I love the little kitty pulling at her fancy little dress. SO cute!!!!

Thinking of you two daily.

Shaunna said...

Happy PFF - That is a sweet card. :) You might like mine I used the "when cats grow horns" theme for mine :)

AnitaNH said...

What a naughty cat. Looks like he wants to get in another swipe! Very lovely details in this card. Happy PFF and thanks for visiting!

Pretty Things said...

I wish I could be in that group. I'm one of a dying breed that LOOOOVES to send cards and postcards and adores the written word and anything paper.

Stacey said...

What a beautiful postcard. I just love the little cat playing with the lace on her dress. Thanks for sharing!

Lyneen said...

love the image... so CUTE! you are right as far as the ad goes. PFF

Barbara said...

Hi Snap! I'm a cat lover, too, you know. That one looks just like your little sweetie.

I'm not getting updates on my list, so I'm gonna try following you again. See what happens.

Janet said...

I like the cat better than a pig!

Beth Niquette said...

What a unique postcard this is! Thank you for sharing. Happy PFF!

The Lazy Peacock said...

LOVE this card! i'm a huge fan of cats too. i've never heard of the cat postcard book, but i am definitely going to check it out!