Friday, June 5, 2009


It's Friday and it's Potpourri time with a little Journal Friday
and a book review thrown in.
This is the By The Sea page I've been working on from Pam's class.
I've added the words.

The words will be familiar to some of you *wise* folks.
I took the chorus from "By The Beautiful Sea" to journal.
(Words by Harold Atteridge in 1914)
In many ways I'm not happy with the page,
however, it makes me smile so not all is bad.

I finished reading The Celtic Riddle: An Archaeological Mystery by Lyn Hamilton. I have a good friend in California who I call my Saurian Sister. We both were book pages on AOL back when chat rooms were just getting started (Lzrd and Dragn) and we've stayed friends through the years. She sent me a box of books with other goodies for my birthday. This is one of the books she sent along with several more Archaeological Mysteries by Canadian, Lyn Hamilton.

Lara McClintoch is the co-owner of a Toronto antiques store. Her travels take her all over the world. In The Celtic Riddle, Lara accompanies her employee, Alex, to County Kerry, Ireland for the reading of an old friend's will. Eamon Byrne left each of his quarreling heirs a clue - a piece of a puzzle that would lead to a mysterious treasure - but the family would have to work together to find the treasure and that's not likely with this group! An ancient Celtic poem serves as the key. Lara and Alex are fascinated by the intricate riddle and come closer and closer to the secret. Murder and mayhem and long lost treasure. Sounds like the perfect summer read to me!

(Photo by Tommy LaVergne)
Lastly, a snapshot of Rice Owl third baseman Anthony Rendon in action.
He has been named the 2009 Collegiate Baseball National Freshman of the Year.
Owls are off to Baton Rouge to play LSU in the Super-Regionals.
Good luck OWLS!

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Lissa said...

Okay I am going to try again. The electricity went off as I was about to finish my comment. It's that time of year in FL!
1. Guess I will have to add another book to my ever growing list
2. "By the sea" this mermaid loves it!
3. Is it terribly wrong of me to wish to be 20 years younger and single after looking at Anthony? lol

I have missed you my friend!