Monday, June 16, 2008

It's Monday

We were up and at 'em early today. After watering the tomatoes and the herbs, I was off to the gym for my date with the treadmill. Walk, walk, walk. Good for the bad back.

Dick was off to his drawing class. Retirement for him has been fun. Last fall he took a continuing education drawing class at a local college. The class was called "You Too Can Draw" and he found out that yes, He Too Could Draw! He did a portrait of the grandson and it really does look like the little guy. This summer he decided to take a real beginning drawing class from the museum art school. So far so good. And, it keeps him inside in the AC.

One of the other things on Dick's retirement list is getting back to golf. It's been a very long time since he has played and his clubs could be considered antiques! He's taken a few classes through Leisure Learning and Golf Galaxy, been out to the driving range, and has played a couple of rounds of best ball. When we go to a bookstore, instead of the history or mystery section, he's of to the sports section to see what's new in golf.

Stay cool and have a good day!

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