Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Being crafty or handy has been off again, on again with me. I think the first time I held a crochet hook I must have been around 8 or 9 years old. My mother would send me during the summer to the home of the mother of one her co-workers. Her name was Vicky. She was from eastern Europe, had a heavy accent, and spoiled me. I loved being with her. She made crepes with strawberries and the best stuffed cabbage I've ever had. Her home was filled with the doilies she crocheted. Vicky did her best to teach me. I remember the small metal hook and the tiny thread and think all I mastered was making a very long chain. The seed had been planted.

Later when I was in college I picked up the hook again and my biggest project was a pineapple design afghan. I still have the pattern. I taught myself to knit and made a baby sweater.

I don't know why I quit crocheting and knitting. Life just interrupts sometimes. Some 30+ years later I rediscovered the joys of the hook and needles along with embroidery and counted cross stitch. Maybe it's all the beautiful colored yarns that call to me. (I love nail polish and paper -- all the wonderful colors!) Perhaps the delight in finishing a project and then starting something new. Maybe it's just relaxing - a way to meditate.

The blanket pictured was made for a special little girl in California. The yarn is Cotton Tots by Bernat and from the Bernat pattern book - Sweet Sets. When I was going through our pictures looking for the crafty things I've made I noted that I didn't take pictures of everything. Shucks.

I'll have another show and tell post tomorrow.

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