Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February Is Here

February has arrived.

Did you say Rabbit Rabbit on the first?

It is a common British superstition which states that a person should say or repeat the word "rabbit" or "rabbits", or "white rabbits", or some combination of these elements out loud upon waking on the first day of the month, because doing so will ensure good luck for the duration of that month (from Wikipedia).

Or, in Downton Abbey fashion, did you say Bad Harvest?!



The snowmen that I've been looking at every morning in January have been replaced.

Valentine Tea

I love Emma Bridgewater and it's so much fun to bring out my heart teapot and mugs made by Emma. Emma Bridgewater is a British ceramics manufacturer founded in 1985, owned and run by Emma Rice nee Bridgewater and Matthew Rice. Noted for their polka dot design among others, Emma Bridgewater specializes in pottery with motifs drawing on techniques stretching back over 200 years. The company is one of the largest pottery manufacturers based entirely in the UK, with all of its products made in its factory in the city of Stoke-on-Trent. Emma started the company when she went looking for a birthday present for her mother. She wanted to buy and cup and saucer but couldn't find anything she liked, so she created her own. And I'm sure glad she did! 

Valentine Tea

Every one should have a tea mug that says Peace and Love and Tea!

Rose Petal Tea

I have some Rose Petal Tea by the Republic of Tea that I think will be a very nice way to start the month of February. 
It says its a "Tea for The Queen of Hearts".
I don't know about being the Queen of Hearts,
but I am the Queen of this house!

"This royal tea blend has the light spice of delicate, young rose buds and petals atop the sweet fullness of China Black Tea. This Victorian tradition is perfect served in fine china cups for kings, queens, friends and loved ones."

I think it will taste very good served in my Emma mugs, too!

Wishing YOU well, much joy and a delightful cup of tea!

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kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

What a pretty tea you've set for starting off the month of February, Snap! I don't have any Emma Bridgewater, but I so love her fun, whimsical designs. The tea flavor sounds perfect for enjoying in your pretty mug.

AlexaT said...

Beautiful and lovely collection! February is on the way...and it looks like spring, already!! Best regards!

eileeninmd said...

Hello, what a pretty tea set. I love the hearts, perfect for Valentine's Day and February! Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

Steph said...

I celebrate Feb 1 as the first day of spring - so happy spring to you!

Anonymous said...

Good work thank you for sharing

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Looking at your new blog header, just want to say that My Rare One and I saw a wonderful Lion Dance on the weekend to celebrate the Lunar New Year!

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

You are now perfectly set up for the month of February - the month of love!

I really like your Valentine's teapot,that's so cute!

Valerie CottageMakingMommy said...

It all looks so pretty. It's so hard to find the Republic of Tea stuff around here anymore.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

I love that heart pattern and your mugs and teapot are adorable! The tea sounds splendid too. I don't own one piece of Emma Bridgewater although I like her china. I just haven't seen any here on PEI. I know Ruth will enjoy your post this week. Thank you for sharing with us.


Die Nähmeise said...

Hi Snap,
love your Teapot and cup with the little hearts. I think its perfekt for Valentine's months of February. I also love Emma Brigdewater design.
Thank you for visiting my blog.
Have a wonderful week, happy Valentine !

Corrine at corrinegilman.com said...

Love your festive February display. Always pretty round your house and garden. xox

Barb said...

I love the teapot and mugs - so very Valentine! Goodbye snowmen...

The Charm of Home said...

Snap I love your teapot and tea mug from EB! It is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Michelle said...

I missed out on the "rabbit, rabbit", this month....perhaps next! lol

Margie said...

I adore your Emma Bridgewater Hearts tea set! I have the Hearts milk bottle and aspire to own the matching teapot and mugs one day. Thank you for the birthday wishes and have a wonderful week!

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Happy February Snap! White rabbit takes me back to my kid's playschool, they're teacher use to always say that, and for the kids birthdays she would give them a stuffed white rabbit toy. Such sweet memories!
I like your heart tea set, perfect for the occasion.
Have a wonderful week,

Pondside said...

I think anything would taste wonderful in those beautiful mugs. I click onto the Bridgewater site and admire the pieces. I tell myself that I should wait for another holiday in the UK and bring some mugs home as a souvenir. I love those hearts!

Cezar and Léia said...

I love the ceramics!
thanks for this lovely energy and sharing your pictures!
wishing you a nice day
Lèia and Luna

Amy at love made my home said...

Just had my morning cuppa from an Emma mug! I love her things. We visited the factory last year, it was fascinating. xx

The French Hutch said...

A lovely start for February with the pretty heart tea pot. I love rose petal anything and I have rose petal tea in the pantry, thanks for inspiring me. Time to set up a little tea party here.
Have a great month of celebrations……….

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

About the only thing I've done for February is put a heart shaped wreath on my door. I love your Emma Bridgewater heart teapot and cups, and that tea sounds delicious.

Bernideen said...

Dear Snap:
That is a darling teaset that I have seen Susan Branch sell on her site! I am responding to your link from the grocery store as we closed o n our retirement house in Missouri on Friday. It has been a lot of work. We go back to Co tomorrow to work some more. We heard there is 12" of snow there. Thank you for sharing Snap!

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

The the hearts - I need a tea set like that. Guess it is too late for my rabbit rabbit.

Anonymous said...

I guess you are drinking a HEART-y tea! <3 :) Hee hee couldn't resist. LOVEly!! xoxoxRoo

Vee said...

Such a cozy corner with either snowmen or with a lovely Valentine tea theme. I really like Emma's designs, too. Very cheerful!

Cathy Keller said...

My goodness but the rosebud tea intriguing. Must give it a try! And, no, I didn't say, Rabbit, rabbit earlier this week! Hoping you a wonderful weekend!


I love that sweet heart teapot! I wish I could ever find one around.
Happy Valentine's my friend.
Enjoy your weekend.

Ruth W said...

Wonderful! I just LOVE Emma! I don't have a teapot, just lots of mugs. Perfect! Sorry I am a bit late, my back has kept me off the computer the last few days! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

Polders and Pins said...

I like your still life photography!