Thursday, December 10, 2015

Like Where You Are Planted

My new tree in Musashi's Garden is blooming.
It is a Hong Kong Orchid Tree.

Hong Kong Orchid Tree

It's timing is a bit off.
Winter is just a few days away,
but with temps in the 80s
anything would be confused!

I hope this means my new tree likes where it is planted.

Wishing YOU well and much joy!

Little by Little


Sherrie said...

Beautiful tree. It's a balmy 45 degrees here in
Northeastern Indiana. Which is way too warm for
December. Have a great day!

The Artful Diva said...

I have never seen that type of orchid before - it's lovely. Have a wonderful weekend.

jandi said...

JUST gorgeous! they are not uncommon in South African gardens... unfortunately, I don't have one in my garden...

Amy at love made my home said...

Nature does some funny things doesn't it! Hope that it is happy! xx

Kelly Kardos said...

Sounds like the weather we're having here in So. Cal! It's a beautiful bloom. Visiting from Kim's

Barb said...

What a gift to see that vivid pink bloom in December! Snow due here.

Michelle said...

It is beautiful. Nature can be so unpredictable!

Dorothy Borders said...


Sharon said...

What a stunning orchid! Here, between the drought and the temps in the 80s in December, trees and flowers are certainly confused. We are finally getting a few red leaves on the trees. By the way, your header is so attractive!