Sunday, July 19, 2015

Celebrating the Pansy

I love Miltonia orchids.
For me, they are charming and irresistible.
They bloom profusely.
Miltonias are often called Pansy Orchids because of their flat-faced,
open flowers that resemble pansies in shape and markings.
Richly colored, fragrant flowers.
From the time that the flower bud on the stems open,
they remain in bloom for 4 to 6 weeks.

Miltonia Orchid


I thought sharing the Miltonia orchid was the perfect time to share
another new to me teacup.
It was sent to me for my birthday from another of my sisters-by-choice.
This sister is my Saurian sister -- we both love dragons!
And, we both love pansies. 
This is Spring Melody by Queen Anne.

Spring Melody

Queen Anne is a fine quality china produced by Shore and Coggins,
Staffordshire potteries in England from 1911 to 1966.

This is beautiful fine bone china that is very translucent when held to the light.
The background is pure white, and the design is a bouquet of pansies
in colors of purple, pink, blue and yellow.
The teacups are footed and there is gold trim on all the edges and handle.

Tea and Cookies

She also sent me Persian Nectar tea from Serendipi Tea.
Persian Nectar is organic Indian black tea with
organic peach flavoring.

A little treat with my tea today.
Key Lime Pie cookies from Oreo.
Oh, my! 



Thank you to the hosts of:

Tea / Watercolor effect

Wishing YOU well, much joy and a wonderful cup of tea!

When the world is all at odds
And the mind is all at sea,
Then cease the useless tedium
And brew a cup of tea.
There is magic in its fragrance,
There is solace in its taste;
And the laden moments vanish
Somehow into space.
And the world becomes a lovely thing!
There's beauty as you'll see;
All because you briefly stopped
To brew a cup of tea.
~William Gladstone

(Thank you to Marilyn at Delights of the Heart for the poem.)


Amy at love made my home said...

It is a beautiful orchid a beautiful teacup set too! I love the colour of the orchid flower, so pretty! xx

Sylvia said...

Your teacup is lovely and those Key Lime Pie Oreo cookies looks yummy. I haven't tried them but just may have to.

eileeninmd said...

Pretty pansies and a lovely poem. I like your beautiful china, lovely teacup. Happy Monday, have a great week ahead!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

That is a beautiful teacup, Snap! I do love pansies although I don't have any at the moment. Your tea sounds wonderful. I love Indian tea! I must confess that I am not big on orchids but I am simply loving your pansy orchids. How lovely and the colour is simply delightful! I have never seen pansy orchids before. Thanks for sharing and joining me for tea today. I always enjoy reading that poem too.


Ruth W said...

Love your new teacup! I didn't know the orchids were called Pansy Orchids, but I can see why. The tea sounds delicious! And love your watercolor app shots! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

Lovely orchid and china set and leaving with a craving for an oreo cookie, lol

aspiritofsimplicity said...

that really is a lovely orchid. I have not heard of this type before. I love your pansy teacups as well. Here, pansies grow only in the spring and autumn (mostly spring) as they are a cool weather plant. But, I have never seen the orchids before.

Zaa said...

Pansies always make me smile...This is such a pretty teaset....Orchids take time and patience and the right setting.. which I think you have created beautifully...Love oreo's (YUM ) Enjoy your day !!! Hugs

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Such a pretty teacup and saucer. I have a pot of pansies on the deck and they are flowering profusely.

Barb said...

That new tea cup is very delicate and beautiful. I, too, love pansies - I planted a whole bed of them this spring. I even have some that came back from last year. I've heard about the "new" Oreos!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Your pansy orchid is pretty Sharon and I like the gifted teacup with pansies. I didn't know Oreo made key lime cookies, I discovered key lime frozen yogurt in Florida earlier this year - it was sooo good.
Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Hi Snap! Your orchid is so beautiful and I love your gifted teacup. You have the sweetest friends who know you so well. Thank you for sharing the lovely poem at the end. Tea just sends us to a gentle time, doesn't it?

Deborah Montgomery said...

Such a pretty teacup. I'm glad for the info about Queen Anne, as the teacup I posted today is a Queen Anne, a new one to me as well. Your pansy orchids are very pretty, too.

Linda H said...

That is a beautiful orchid. I have never heard of or seen that type. I wonder if it is rare? Have never seen key lime cookies either, they sound yummy!

Margie said...

Very pretty! I also have some Queen Anne cups in my collection. I love key lime so now I'm off to look for the Key Lime Oreos...(fingers crossed that they're also available north of the border!)

The Charm of Home said...

That is a beautiful teacup!! Your pictures are tranquil.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I grow pansies here because our summers are cool enough that they grow all summer, Snap! Your orchid and pansy teacup and saucer are beautiful!

Tomoko said...

Your tea cup is so lovely. I like the elegant design and pretty pansies!!
Have a good summer.

Karen said...

Oh, that cup is so beautiful! I love pansies. They are my second favorite flower after roses. The orchids are lovely, too. Isn't is nice that they stay in bloom so long?

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi: Beautiful pansies! Love the cup you shared with us today. Thank you for your kind words. Hugs, Martha

Donna said...

Oh I love pansies and those orchids are beautiful much like a pansy...beautiful tea cup and yummy cookies!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting! I do love pansies! Your tea cups are gorgeous!

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Hello, your pansy teacup and saucer are beautiful! Lovely flowers too! Thank you for your previous visit and comment. The photos I took on the patio were early in the morning, before it got too hot! So not I can't enjoy my tea unless it is very early in the morning. :)
Take care and have a wonderful week,

Carrie said...

Those orchids are lovely! I can see why you like them so much. The teacup is simply gorgeous too--and you can really see how the orchids look a bit like the pansies on the cup! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Maya Harrison said...

Loooove the tea cup and the orchids!!!!