Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy Tea to Me!

This holiday season Santa and his elves supplied me with tea
just in time to celebrate the month of January as Hot Tea Month!

I had a big surprise when I won a Yixing teapot from Tea Time Magazine.
They were celebrating Christmas on Face Book with a few give-a-ways.

I have several Yixing teapots and this tiny beauty will be a nice addition to the collection.

YiXing Tea Pot

While we are talking about Yixing teapots, here's some information from a Tea Time article:

"The most delicate of teapots are likely the Yixing pots often used for steeping oolongs. These Chinese clay pots are porous, and over time, the clay retains the flavors of the tea. A tragic tea faux pas would be to steep Earl Grey in one of these because it would mean that every tea steeped from that point forward would be tainted by the flavor of oil of bergamot.

Yixing pots have for centuries been used for only one specific tea. An Asian tea drinker might keep one teapot for a Taiwanese Bao Zhong, one for a Chinese Big Red Robe, and another for a Chinese Ti Kwan Yin. Soap is never used to clean these revered utensils. They are simply rinsed and allowed to air-dry. It is said that some ancient Yixing pots could make tea today simply by having hot water poured into them. The accumulated flavors of past steepings would add their flavor to the water, and tea would magically appear!"


The god-kids sent tea from Tin Roof Teas in Raleigh, NC.
Tin Roof is on my list to visit when I get to Raleigh.
I made a promise to myself -- I can't open any new tea until I finish the 
wonderful Harney and Sons Cranberry Autumn.
Soon I'll open Tin Roof's Cloud Catcher.
Isn't that a great name?!
It is a fruit tea: apple pieces, freeze-dried kiwi, sour cherries, cranberry slices, coconut flakes and natural flavor. 
Sounds like fun!


And, lastly, a gift to myself from Crop Circle Clay
a handmade, wheel thrown "Believe" mug.
Cloud Catcher tea in a "Believe" mug sounds like the perfect pair!

Tea for Christmas

Wishing YOU well, much joy and a wonderful cup of tea!

I'm joining several parties today:

Happy New Year!


Deb said...

Beautiful post and gorgeous tea-pots. I got some new teas to try, too. Looking forward to that this winter. Hope you enjoyed DA last night. I did. :)

Irene said...

I'm looking up those tea pots. I like to use one tea pot for one specific tea, so brewing Earl Grey sounds wonderful. Happy New Year you lucky lady.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Happy New Year, Snap! Congratulations on winning your teapot! You chose your teapot well; it's so cute! Brewing Earl Grey in one of those teapots would indeed leave the flavour of oil of bergamot behind. I love it, but not if it is mixed with another flavour of tea. Good info there! It's nice to have you join me for Tea Time this week.


Corrine at said...

Love the history of these pots. I can imagine a whole shelf of them for all your favorite teas. xox

Ruth W said...

Congrats on your win! How fun! The new tea sounds interesting too. Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

kitty said...

Hi Snap,
Congratulations on winning the darling teapot. I also enjoyed the history of the Yixing teapots and brewing only one flavor of tea in them. Happy New Year to you.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Wow, Cloud Catcher tea in a Believe mug - you must share the experience afterwards! You and that teapot from Tea Time were meant to be together!

Steph said...

Oh, yay yay! Congratulations!

Beth L. said...

Beautiful tea pots. It is always special to try out a new flavor of tea.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I know people who say NO teapot should ever be washed. I am not of that number.

Johanna Gehrlein said...

Hi Snap,
what an interesting post. The name Yixing was totally new to me, so I had a look at google. There comes an amazing range of beautifully clay tea pots. I remember that we had once a simple clay pot, too. Your win is fabulous and so nice to have the Cloud Catcher tea in a Believe mug. I guess that s the way how dreams come true. LOL Thank you also for your visit and the sweet comment. Have a Happy New Year.
Best greetings, Johanna

Bernideen said...

I know you love the Asian style so this was so perfectly appointed! I know you will get a great deal of use out of that winning teapot!

Margie (aka Marglom) said...

Congratulation on winning one of Tea Time Magazine's Christmas giveaways! I also like to wait until I finish some of my other teas before opening up new a tea.

Karen said...

Hi Snap,
Congratulations on your teapot win! How exciting! That is so interesting about retaining the flavour in your teapot and not washing it. I like to wash mine. Lol! Happy New Year! Karen

Pat - Arkansas said...

Gorgeous tea pots, Snap. I particularly like the second one pictured; it's beautiful! Congrats on you win. What a lovely prize. I used to collect tea pots, but ran out of room for any sort of display. I now have only two, one of which was my Mama's and which I remember since I was a youngster. Must make it ancient, like me. :)

Hope you're staying warm in Houston, too. Brr, humbug!


I too have a special love for reindeer, cannot have enough! I love the gorgeous teapots sweet Snap. I got a blue and white porcelain Chinese one for C'mas from my mother and I'm loving it!
Happy 2015 sweet lady.

Carrie said...

Such pretty teapots--congrats on your win! Thanks for all the info about yixing teapots--I am not that familiar with them. I hope you're having a good weekend!