Monday, September 22, 2014

Tea at the Museum

The Museum of Fine Arts Houston held a Tea and Tour in conjunction with the 
Houghton Hall exhibition.

Houghton Hall - Image from the MFAH website

It's always a delight to have tea served in one of the galleries of the museum
surrounded by beautiful art.

Set for Tea

Christine Gervaise, the curator for the Houghton Hall exhibition was the speaker.
We ate and drank while she talked.


Petite Chicken Salad Sandwich
Light chicken salad served on whole wheat bread

Petite Cucumber Sandwich
Sliced seedless English cucumbers and herbed cream cheese served on white bread

Petite Apricot and White Chocolate Chip Scones

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry

Lola Catering gets five stars for the food and their wonderful staff.

Tea at the MFAH

Isn't the China pretty?
This year I remembered to look at the bottom to see the name.
Premier One - Made in China
It is very sturdy -- almost heavy, but lovely.
We felt very "adult"!

Tea at The MFAH

Three different teas were served and I made sure I tried them all.

I started with the Organic Lady Earl Grey,
the most famous of black teas infused with white Tibetan lavender.

Then the Organic Darjeeling,
the champagne of black teas from India.

Last was the Organic Rose Jubilee,
South African tea infused with rose and caffeine free.

My favorite was the Organic Lady Earl Grey.
It was light and lovely.
You could taste the lavender on the tip of your tongue at first sip.

All the teas were from the Path of Tea.

The afternoon was complete with a glass (or two) of champagne.

Wishing YOU well and much joy!

I'm joining the following tea parties.
Thank you to the hosts of:


Irene said...

What a lovely treat.

Beth in NEPA said...

What a special day. It looks VERY ELEGANT!!

Antiques And Teacups said...

What a special place for a tea! The menu looks wonderful. So glad you shared your teatime with us and linked to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

A lovely outing, Snap! Love the pretty china and the food looks fabulous. I would love to try the organic rose tea. It sounds divine. Thanks for sharing with us and joining me for tea. Happy Autumn!


Millie said...

Oh, what a delicious and pretty tea outing for you! Everything looks so nice.

Maria Andrade said...

Hi Snap!
It´s a long time since I visited you and I thank you for sharing this tea outing with us. It must have been very special!
Hugs from Portugal

Beth said...

What a gorgeous setting, and the china is stunning! The food looks good too. Thanks for sharing, Snap.

Martha said...

It looked like a wonderful tea! I love teas like this!

Zaa said...

Such a lovely setting for tea... The menu is really quite lovely ...I love cucumber tea sandwiches...Thank you for sharing..Hugs

Miss Kathy said...

What a glorious tea! The first image captured me on the linky - BOOKS and a library!!! And to have an elegant tea served in such a setting is grace and beauty to feed on for days!! Thanks for sharing - OH! How I've missed the repose of my tea ladies with all my busy this summer.

Helena White said...

It sounds like you had a fun time. I love the China pretty...thanks for visiting...

≈♡≈ Helena
─ƤєтαƖ & Lαcє Ƈσттαgє ─

Carrie said...

Wow what a lovely tea and venue! Thanks for sharing it with us. I hope you have a great week :)


Oh my, this is tea in high style! The menu looks wonderful and cucumber finger sandwichs are my fave for tea time. Thanks for sharing sweet friend.
Have a terrific week.

My Little Home and Garden said...

That sure beats a mug of tea in my house! Very nice.

Carolyn said...

That would be a lovely way to spend an afternoon!


Tea in the Library said...

Elegant and lovely.

Janet said...

What fun! Did everyone wear hats and gloves and put on their party manners?!! The food looks delicious, and the setting is beautiful.

Rosemary and Thyme said...

Just beautiful.